What mould problem can avoid when make?

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1, guide pillar of guide pillar injury basically has oriented effect in the mould, in order to assure model core and model of antrum shape each other of face for love or money is not touched, cannot serve as with guide pillar get power or fixed position with. Be in the following below two kinds of circumstances, move when inject, fixed die will produce power of vast side direction deflection: Model when mural large demand is inhomogenous, expect rate of office of wall of current heavy panel is old, the pressure; model with herein larger generation flank asymmetry, be like the mould of cent of form of a flight of stairs face, the counterpressure that opposite two flank place suffers is unequal. 2, runner takes off makings difficulty to be in the process that note model, runner is stuck in runner to cover inside, not easy emergence. When flying a model, goods occurrence crackle is injured. In addition, handlers must use cupreous stick most advanced knock from nozzle part piece, make become loose rear but drawing of patterns, serious effect manufactures efficiency. This kind of trouble is main the reason is runner taper hole bright and clean spend difference, direction of Kong Yuan week has knife mark inside. It is material next too soft, small end of the taper hole after use period of time is out of shape or injure, and nozzle is spherical radian is too small, cause runner to expect herein produces riveting head. The taper hole that runner covers is machined harder, answer to use standard component as far as possible, if need to be machined by oneself, also should be abstained or buy special reamer. Taper hole needs to pass abrade to Ra0.

4 the following. In addition, must install runner to pull makings lever or runner top gives an orgnaization. 3, move, fixed die deflection is large mould, because of each to fill makings rate to differ, and the effect with self-prossessed mould suffers when fitting a pattern, produce vivid, fixed die deflection. Below these a few kinds of circumstances, force of deflection of the side direction when inject will be added on guide pillar, surface of the guide pillar when flying a model pulls hair, injury, serious when guide pillar bends or cut off, cannot fly a model even. To solve above problem, all sides of fixed position key that adds high strength on mould cent face each one, the handiest and effective is to use columnar key. Guide pillar aperture and the verticality of the face that distribute a model are crucial. When be being machined, be to use move, fixed die after aiming positional clamp, in boring machine last time boring is over, can assure to move so, fixed die of aperture homocentric degree, make verticality error the smallest. In addition, the heat treatment hardness of guide pillar and guide-post bushing is sure to achieve design requirement. 4, movable mould board curves a mould to be when inject, the melt inside modular antrum is plastic the counterpressure with huge generation, be in commonly 600 ~ 1000 kilogram / centimeter 2. Die maker sometimes ignored this problem, often change original design size, or movable mould board is replaced with low intensity armor plate, in carrying the mould of makings on the head with ejector pin, as a result of two side span is big, the pattern plate when causing inject issues a turn. Reason moves pattern plate to must choose fine steel capable person, want to have enough ply, must not wait for low intensity armor plate with A3, be in when necessary, should moving pattern plate lower part to the setting props up column or be propped up piece, in order to reduce pattern plate thickness, increase carrying capacity. 5, ejector pin bends, rupture or the ejector pin quality that leakage makings abstains is better, it is finished cost too tall, choose standard component normally now, quality is general. If the clearance of ejector pin and aperture is too big, appear leakage makings, but if space is too little, because the model is lukewarm elevatory when inject, ejector pin expands and card dies. More dangerous is, sometimes ejector pin is gone out to general distance is not moved with respect to the top and break off by the top, this paragraph of show ejector pin when the result is combining a model the next time cannot restoration and crack up sunken model. To solve this problem, ejector pin is repaired afresh grind, cooperate in what ejector pin front withholds 10~15 millimeter paragraph, intermediate part is ground small 0.

2 millimeter. After all ejector pin are being assembled, clearance must cooperate since close check, be in commonly 0.


Inside 08 millimeter, should make sure whole top gives an orgnaization can freely of advance and retreat. 6, cooling and undesirable or aqueduct is slack the quality that the cooling effect of the mould affects product directly and manufacturing efficiency, if refrigeration is undesirable, goods systole is big, or systole is inhomogenous and appear become warped the face is out of shape wait for blemish. On the other hand modular whole or local overheat, make the mould cannot shape normally and stop production, serious person make the activity such as ejector pin heat bilges to card dies and damage. The design of cooling system, treatment is decided with product figure, do not have a structure because of the model complex or treatment is difficult and leave out this system, especially large and medium-sized mould must mature cooling problem. 7, guide groovy length is too small because some moulds suffer pattern plate area to restrict, guide groovy length is too small, slide block is shown after the movement that smoke core ends guide outside groove, the phase after smoking core so causes slide block easily to tilt with the phase at the beginning of restoration combining a model, when combining a model especially, slide block restoration is not suitable, make slide block is injured, press a turn to destroy even. According to experience, after slide block completes the action that smoke core, the length that takes inside chute should not is less than guide the 2/3 with full-length chamfer. 8, be apart from taut orgnaization malfunction to place a check mark surely, of agraffe and so on be apart from taut orgnaization to be used at commonly surely fixed die in taking core or 2 a few patterns of drawing of patterns, because this kind of orgnaization is installed in couples in the two flank of the mould, its movement asks must synchronous, combine a model namely at the same time agraffe, it is certain to open a model to arrive the position at the same time unhook. Once lose synchronism, the pattern plate that certainly will creates the pattern that be pulled is askew and attaint, the spare parts of these orgnaizations should have taller stiffness and wearability, it is very difficult also to adjust, orgnaization life is briefer, avoid to use as far as possible, can convert other orgnaization. Smoking mental efforts bedspring can be used to roll out fixed die method below less state of affairs, can use below the circumstance with the greater power that smoke core when movable mould is regressive model core is slip, complete the construction that the model distributes again after the movement that smoke core first, hydraulic pressure oil cylinder can be used to smoke core on large mould. 9, inclined sell slide block type to take core orgnaization damage. This kind of orgnaization relatively the defect that often appears is mostly do not reach the designated position on treatment and with material is too little, basically have the following two problems: Inclined selling merit of obliquitous A big; is OK arise inside shorter distance flying a model relatively smoke core to be apart from greatly. But had adopted big obliquitous A, should smoke when unplugging force F is fair value, inclined in the process that smoke core annul get curve force P=F/COSA, bigger also, easy appear inclined annul be out of shape and inclined hole wears away. In the meantime, inclined sell pair of slide block to arise up thrust N=FTGA is bigger also, this force makes slide block right guide of the spigot surface inside groove pressure increases, increased the attrition resistance when slide block is slip thereby. Easy cause slip not suitable, guide groove wears away. According to experience, obliquitous A should not be more than 25 ° . CNC Milling