Fictitious treatment can optimize turning clip to hold position

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Graph 1 imitate can mirror instead quickly how must a cricoid workpiece accept clip to hold, why does so that be after treatment,the work of tolerancepublic errand limits that can you still keep abode to need hold the meeting in the process to arise to plant in clip of degree be out of shape? Does that kind of clip hold plan to you can ensure workpiece keeps original measure? How can existing clamp instrument get first-rate is applied? To this kind of problem, fictitious treatment will can give out valuable answer. A lot of people ever had been experienced exceed large part and the treatment that exceed large scale system, the design personnel in those days takes safety factor seriously mostly, but today, safety factor does not regard a design as whether admirable exclusive judge standard again. To retain global competition ability, research and development and the requirement more that design personnel is faced with -- they must shorten design and manufacturing time, reduce weight and managing the sources of energy, improve the precision of component and whole system, durable sex and service life at the same time, reduce what will come to safeguard charge to wait. Imitate can provide valuable result: In phase of research and development, before producing prototype of the first experiment namely, imitate can undertake on the computer, the show that watchs a component to fall in treatment status how. To large size the accurate treatment of Bao Bi or particularly intricate work often is a job that has challenge sex (graph 1) . Place the limit with hold force to must not exceed certain on one hand, lest workpiece happens to be out of shape or damage, on the other hand clip is held must want on the safe side, so that resistance lives the action of cutting force. Use finite yuan of method (FEM) , can see the incorporate in workpiece is held in clip and machining a process. The treatment status of imitate workpiece is on simulative foundation, can design a clamping apparatus, caliper, clip to hold height, clip to hold the optimal collocation between force and rotate speed. It can be in of workpiece defeat the respect such as mechanism, rigid, life and oscillatory character to offer acknowledge to people. The workpiece that is aimed at complex external form especially and very the requirement of high accuracy (mix like termination of crust of bearing, gear, turbine, oil cylinder annulus of apply the brake) , inchoate imitate has very big gain. When the expressional position in go up in clamping apparatus in imitate workpiece and machining a process, require a few data only: The 3D model of workpiece, for example CAD data; About the specification with qualitative material; Cutting parameter and rotate speed of the biggest treatment; Contain clip to run a point clip runs sketch map; Clip holds the set cost of force and pincers force; Pincers geometry appearance, for example smooth pincers and ceramic tile; Machine equipment data, concerned clip holds the special specification that oil cylinder and arbor distributing. According to these data, want to build corresponding Yu Ga to run the 3D model of the task in CAD program above all. Mix to material in FEM program next clip holds interface to make a definition, at the same time set is included initiative with each node networks that stop node inside (graph 2) . In follow-up to load measure the definition gives each margin requirement, it is for example in process of to load of the first pace, imitate workpiece holds master piece to use specific site in specific mix the expressional position when going up. In measure of the 2nd to load, dug is in when workpiece rotate the change that the load when high speed rotates makes on chuck. Measure of the 3rd to load criterion imitate workpiece is machining the expressional position in the process. Graph 2 after passing preliminary calculation, can undertake refining to the bottleneck place of electrified wire netting, state quality in order to improve imitate result. 3D overview graph or animation picture are OK and clear elaborate measure of each to load, why is the specification planted radial or axial are out of shape will happen. It is very important that the plasticity that narrates outspread limit more than is out of shape, because it cannot restore after treatment ends. In addition, can come according to imitate result judge uses some kind of clip to hold plan to whether can achieve specific circularity. It is OK that mix holds the effect to use FEM be held to diverse mix and machine parameter, right even in the force on workpiece different guide dot all can undertake imitate. It is OK also that clip of such as null holds bolt to be able to twist the clip to workpiece to oppose plan directly by imitate. Here, FEM can be mixed to the stability of bolt of workpiece be out of shape quality make state. Nextpage can make clear through a example, whats can have the aid of accomplish at FEM: The market that Allweiler company is production of the shipbuilding on European market, energy and pump of domain of special type industry and technical dominant manufacturer. Pass imitate, the clip of the drive basket that this enterprise can pledge to GG25 cast-iron material holds a state to undertake study: Whether can the drive component that what place should examine is the pump that all uses treatment of 3 working procedure up to now also use two treatment only. To this, dynamic balancing chuck is placed in the 6 clamp of a standard clip of aspirant travel radial runs a test (graph 3) . Graph 3 to detect the state of workpiece, a network is set on workpiece; 6 clamp chuck is used to undertake to workpiece the result shows placing holding first time imitate certainly before this, the circularity error that 218f7 cooperates a diameter to go up (tolerancepublic errand limits is 0.

048mm) hold in clip, achieved after high speed turning and treatment 0.

054mm, exceeded tolerancepublic errand range namely. Rotate speed increased in the 2nd imitating test and undertook matching to cutting data, this the experiment succeeded. Pass fluctuant treatment parameter merely, the treatment of pair of drive lamps and lanterns can come true on existing standard clamping apparatus, this is cost of a huge truly managing. If did not undertake so detailed FEM is analysed, it is very inaccessible of this target. Because FEM still always is a kind of theoretic computation only, can suggest to have real test on simulative foundation. Below most circumstance, actual result often won't result of deviate place calculative. But if be to quench workpiece or the cast that contain rubber, the when placing hold oneself meeting that attends in material causes bigger difference. The gules area of basket of cast-iron drive of graph 4 GG25 runs a course in clip in special get power; In follow-up imitating test, the Schunk company that can undertake to clip opposes plan or machining parameter weak point is engaged in clip technically holding technology and automation adjustment overcoming owns network of a kind of in-house expert, this network can cross a project to assist technology of research and development to modern computer (CAE) undertake harmony and use valid computational approach, abstraction is cognitive, make these knowledge are used by people place afresh. This kind of effective tool can hold a technology to go up with Yu Ga already, also can apply go up at automation technology. Because oneself of a lot of users does not have a condition to develop simulation, because this Schunk company also offers tricks of the trade of this kind of technology to the outside,serve. Adopt theoretical foundation and software technique, technology know-how can be blended in go in the ability with system and technical program contact with. The user benefits a lot from which: They can discover the weak point that appears possibly beforehand, the design that can issue put oneself in another's position in the formulate on simulative foundation wants standard of sue for peace, perhaps hold means to have a definition to clamping apparatus and clip. Can prevent needless investment from this or exceed measure system. Imitate can be the benefit that increases new product research and development and production make important contribution. CNC Milling