Shallow those who talk about lathe tool material and its appearance is reasonable choose

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In daily production, the logical choice of lathe tool material and appearance, affecting the treatment quality of labor productivity and spare parts directly. Cutting tool is in cutting process, should bear necessarily very great cutting power and wallop. And be below very high temperature work, bear continuously intense friction, extruding, cause lathe tool easily wear away, attaint. If cutting tool material chooses inconsequently. Spare parts general cannot satisfy use requirement, cause material to waste. Machine tool equipment damages prematurely, cause very big pecuniary loss. What want a basis to process data accordingly is different, choose different cutting tool material. Reasonable choose cutting tool material, not only can improve labor efficiency, assure to machine quality, and OK still and managing cost, reduce labor intensity of the worker. Material of cutting tool of material of cutting tool of 1 logical choice basically has carbolic element tool steel, alloy tool steel, high-speed steel, hard alloy, pottery and porcelain and exceed material of strong cutting tool to wait. High-speed steel can divide the department that it is tungsten and tungsten to fasten two kinds, tungsten is high-speed steel (W18cr4v) is used at present more general, but because its hear resistance is poorer,cannot use at high speed cutting. Tungsten is high-speed steel (W6w05Cr4V2) is used at making hot-rolling tool, twist drill wait. Hard alloy is to use the carbide powder of tungsten and titanium to add cobalt to regard cohere as the agent, after high-pressured suppress shapes again high temperature agglomeration and product of become pulverous smelt metal, it is the data of a kind of lathe tool with the at present most extensive application. Press the cobalt having tungsten with different and commonly used composition kind alloy (K kind) , tungsten titanium is cobaltic kind of alloy (P kind) with cobalt of tungsten titanium Tantalum kind (M kind) 3 kinds. Tungsten is cobaltic kind of hard alloy by carbonization tungsten (Wc) and cobalt (Co) composition, basically use at machining the circumstance with material of cast-iron, brittleness or concussion bigger sex. Commonly used code name has K01, k10 and K20. General K01 is used at finish machining, k10 is used at semifinishing machining. K20 is used at rough machining. Tungsten titanium is cobaltic kind hard alloy is comprised by carbonization tungsten, cobalt and carbonization titanium, apply to the plasticity stuff with treatment steel or other older tenacity, but it is not more fragile, impulse withstand, material of unfavorable treatment brittleness. Commonly used code name has P01, p10 and P30, general P01 is used at finish machining, P10 to be used at semifinishing machining, P30 to be used at rough machining. Tungsten titanium Tantalum is cobaltic kind suit to add section chief cuts bits or short the black metal that cuts bits and nonferrous metal. Commonly used code name has M10 and M20, MIO is used at finish machining, M20 to be used at rough machining. Cutting tool of pottery and porcelain basically is used at semifinishing machining and finish machining nonferrous metal to reach cast-iron with hard steel of temper by dipping in water. Exceed hard data to cubic nitrogen changes boron and diamond: Cubic nitrogen changes boron to be used at wrought alloy, temper by dipping in water hard steel, cold hard cast-iron half essence Jjn-r and finish machining. Nonferrous metal of can accurate cutting and alloy mix diamond the wear-resisting material of cutting tall hardness. Appearance of geometry of lathe tool of 2 logical choices 2.

1 outside circle and end panel and one of basic technical ability that the outside choosing a vehicle circle of the cutting tool when rank stage is machined, end panel, rank stage is lathe work, it is the foundation that machines a spare parts. Commonly used outside round lathe tool has 90 ° , 75 ° and 45 ° 3 kinds. Horn is ° of 5 ° ~7 commonly after, horn is ° of 0 ° ~30 commonly before. Usually rough machining axis kind the spare parts should use 75 ° lathe tool, the characteristic of this kind of lathe tool is horn of point of a knife is more than 90 ° , knife head strength is good, more durable, of cutting tool medicinal powder hot property it may not be a bad idea, suit to process workpiece data especially harder outside the work with round, cast, forging and larger surplus, can improve the treatment efficiency when rough machining effectively. And when finish machining, want to achieve the dimension precision of workpiece and exterior surface roughness, because this asks lathe tool is sharp, cutting blade is flat and bright and clean, place of point of a knife is ground have Xiu Guangren, must make cut bits to discharge when cutting to work surface, choose 90 ° lathe tool to also say to slant commonly knife. Because its tool cutting edge angle is bigger, the action when the circle outside the car the radial cutting force at workpiece radius direction is lesser, carry workpiece on the head not easily the turn. Control the flow direction that discharge bits at the same time, blade is ground be worth blade dip to make cut bits to flow to workpiece work surface, do not contact workpiece to already machined the surface, do not affect the exterior surface roughness of workpiece. 45 ° lathe tool is chosen commonly when car end panel, common calls bend the knife, horn of its point of a knife is 90 ° , knife head intensity and medicinal powder hot condition is better. Lathe tool of additionally 90 ° also can use turning end panel, because of turning when advocate cutting blade turns into deputy cutting blade, deputy cutting blade changes give priority to cutting blade, if by the brim of workpiece to central feed, when cutting when deepness is bigger, cutting force can make lathe tool plunges into workpiece, and form concave side, can change by the center feed of outward predestined relationship, with advocate cutting blade cutting, but cutting deepness should take small cost, can choose when cutting surplus is larger left slant end panel of knife cutting workpiece. When car rank stage, the circle outside wanting turning not only even turning is annular end panel, the circle outside wanting to assure already when turning accordingly and rank the length dimension of mesa, want to make sure the verticality of step plane and workpiece axes asks again, so car rank stage chooses vehicle of the circle outside 90 ° constantly, the installation of lathe tool should reach surplus according to vehicle of thick, fine more or less will adjust. When thick car to increase cutting depth, reduce pressure of point of a knife, the tool cutting edge angle that lathe tool installs is ° of 85 ° ~90 commonly; When fine vehicle to assure the verticality of rank stage and axes, should take tool cutting edge angle to be more than 90 ° (93 ° are controlled) installation. General component is workpiece of turning rank stage vehicle of thick, fine, rank stage length removes first gear when thick car rank stage slightly short outside, each archives car reachs the rest length. When fine vehicle, outside vehicle of motor-driven feed fine normally the circle comes close when rank stage is in, move feed to replace motor-driven feed with the hand, arrive when the car rank fore-and-aft feed is the meet an emergency when mesa transverse feed, the slide in shift by in outward slowly fine vehicle, in order to ensure rank stage carries the verticality of face countershaft line. 2.

Of the cutting tool when 2 aperture are machined choose all sorts of bearing on the machine to cover, gear, belt annulus, casing is equal the side of the cylinder outside having not only that bearing and join coordinate, and have inside columnar face. Because this aperture treatment also is one of the most serious content with the basiccest lathe work. The treatment that analyses columnar aperture from turning craft wants difficulty than the circle outside turning much. Because interiorly has aperture treatment, observe cutting situation is very difficult, especially when small and aperture is deep. The most commonly used lathe tool tool cutting edge angle when the aperture inside treatment is commonly between ° of 60 ° ~75, blind aperture lathe tool is commonly between ° of 92 ° ~95. To prevent inside the horn after the attrition of face of the knife after aperture lathe tool and hole wall does not make again is ground too greatly, general wear two hind horn. If machine the tool cutting edge angle that lathe tool chooses commonly when rank stage,be ° of 92 ° ~95 between, if machine diameter of rank stage aperture to differ bigger when, can choose thick vehicle of 75 ° lathe tool, the vehicle of lathe tool fine that 93 ° control reoccupy, assure dimension precision and exterior surface roughness. Usually, want not to affect a bits only, answer to choose the lathe tool with good tigidity as far as possible. Because circular arbor compares area of quadrate staff cut big, tigidity is good, so preferential choose the aperture inside circular arbor treatment. The point of a knife that lets lathe tool is located in on the central line of arbor, the cut area of such arbor can be achieved the biggest, make the intensity tigidity of point of a knife best, at the same time of arbor extend length to shorten as far as possible, in order to increase the strength of knife head. If arbor is extended too long, can reduce arbor tigidity, cause vibration easily, go against treatment. In addition, taller to requirement of a few precision, form the spare parts treatment with tolerancepublic errand higher demand, lv of take an examination chooses the arbor of cooling aperture inside the belt, in order to reduce the heat in metal cutting in treatment process, reduce a spare parts to be out of shape. Machining deep Kong Shi, because knife handle wants to accept the restriction of bore diameter and hole depth, make knife handle slightness, tigidity poor, easy generation vibration is mixed when turning phenomenon letting a knife, and cut bits not easy eduction, cutting fluid is hard to cool effectively cutting area, and cutting tool is in the in-house cutting of workpiece, of cutting tool wear away to cannot observe with the attaint of knife head. Because this treatment deep aperture is the treatment technology with a greater difficulty. Deep aperture treatment must use a few special cutting tool, be like lathe tool of deep Kong Zuan, deep aperture and special accessory, raised taller requirement to the discharge of cutting fluid, pressure additionally, method of more commonly used deep aperture treatment and platoon cut means to gun aperture gets bits of the platoon outside mixing, gush to suck get and inside bits of platoon bits, the platoon inside high pressure. 2.

Of 3 whorl lathe tool choose in all sorts of mechanical products, the application of the part that contains whorl and worm is very wide, machine whorl and worm with turning method, it is current commonly used treatment method. Choose the whorl lathe tool of different point of view according to different whorl. (Lathe tool of 1) triangle whorl has high-speed steel and hard alloy two kinds. Blade of lathe tool of high-speed steel whorl is ground convenient, grind easily tartly, ju Ren sex is good, point of a knife bursts apart not easily, the car goes whorl surface surface roughness the value is lesser, but hear resistance is poor, suit to be used at whorl of low speed turning only. Hardness of lathe tool of hard alloy whorl tall, wearability high temperature resistant, thermal stability is good, good, but fight concussion ability difference. Accordingly, lathe tool of hard alloy whorl applies to high speed cutting. Actual when high speed cutting tooth meeting expands. Accordingly horn of point of a knife should be reduced about 30 ' , surface roughness of face of knife of lathe tool around must very small. (When whorl of 2) turning echelon, radial cutting power is greater, to reduce cutting force, can divide for thick car and fine vehicle. When thick car, have fine vehicle surplus to facilitate or so cutting stays, knife head width should be less than tooth bottom land wide, the horn after radial is 8 ° to control, horn is ° of 10 ° ~15 before, the horn after two side is (° of 3 ° ~5) sampan (whorl rises horny) , tooth horn is 30 ° - 30 ° . The horn before lathe tool of high-speed steel essence is radial is 0, the included angle between blade of two side cutting is equal to tooth body part. To make sure cutting of blade of two side cutting is successful, cutting blade should be ground have bigger before horn (° of 10 ° ~16) a bits chamfer. But must notice, blade of cutting of lathe tool front cannot attend cutting. Lathe tool of whorl of high-speed steel echelon can machine a precision to be mixed higher the whorl with exterior lesser surface roughness, but manufacturing efficiency is inferior. Manufacture efficiency to rise, in turning when general precision whorl, can use hard alloy lathe tool to undertake high speed cutting. (The worm with commonly used 3) has the metric system (tooth form horn is 20 ° ) and imperial (tooth form horn is 14.

5 ° ) two kinds. Imperial worm our country is used rarely. Basically use worm of the metric system. Car worm uses high-speed steel lathe tool commonly, thick car and car of essence of life are introduced when turning two phase. When thick car, the requirement controls the included angle between blade of two side cutting to be less than horn of double flute profile slightly, knife head width is less than tine root chamfer wide, grind the horn before ° of 10 ° ~15 controls radial, the horn after two side (° of 3 ° ~5) ± Ψ , point of a knife pours a circle appropriately. When fine vehicle, the included angle between or so two blade is equal to the tooth form horn of double and want semmetry, cutting blade linearity is close friends, exterior surface roughness is worth small, grind have bigger before horn (° of 15 ° ~20) a bits chamfer. Above place narrates a few main train of thought that are choice of material of lathe work cutting tool, appearance only. Because cutting tool is phyletic various, type of spare parts structure and treatment requirement are Protean, still need to have experience in be operated actually, the staff union school that has a technology, enterprise produces a situation (crop, plan, production is compact degree, dimensions, capital) the analysis that has science with the circumstance that machines hardware equipment, the selection goes function and price to compare reasonable cutting tool sort, such ability develop equipment potential adequately, assure to machine quality, improve treatment efficiency, improve the experience beneficial result of the enterprise. CNC Milling