Integral hob and but the contrast of dislocation hob

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Challenge: Boil cutting is a kind of treatment application that basically uses cutting tool of traditional whole high-speed steel, in production efficiency respect is put in congenital inadequacy. Solution: New-style but technology of razor blade of dislocation hard alloy is producing efficiency and treatment economy respect to be able to offer distinct advantage. The sun that is born from contemporary metal cutting rises, cutting tool is to use integral steel to be ground directly all the time make and become. But from on the century begins the fifties, but razor blade of dislocation hard alloy brought revolutionary change. However, in gear cutting (boil especially cut) respect, integral high-speed steel (HSS) hob still is in dominant position up to now. Although the technology is already mature, but the congenital and insufficient block that integral HSS hob is producing efficiency to go up its develop. Need of integral cutting tool is ground again regularly and recoat layer, this is meant should many other people sheds the job. When manufacturing manager is considering to buy hob, cannot buy hob of a HSS only. In be operated actually, want to ensure a machine tool runs continuously, need about the same 5 or 10 hob: Metal of cutting of a hob, one is being ground again, one is besmearing again, one undertakes metrical in cutting tool room. Still more cutting tool is in the different level in carrying road. And but cutting tool of dislocation razor blade eliminated afore-mentioned much to maintain an operation, basically need two milling cutter to be able to run continuously only: One is in the operation, another is in dislocation or change and preliminary adjustments. Another main problem is cooling fluid. HSS cutting tool needs cooling fluid normally (often cutting is oily) will prevent overheat, and hard alloy cutting tool leaves property in high temperature much better even. Do not use cooling fluid to be able to bring a lot of profit: Very apparent, can leave out is purchased, memory and the charge that process cooling fluid, and to paying close attention to environment, health and safe manufacturer character, cleaner, more cheerful with more healthy work environment Yi Po has appeal. The inherent attribute of integral hard alloy decided it can use taller cutting parameter and have life of longer cutting tool, these improved manufacturing efficiency directly. The yield that obtains from this can be laid in can raise yield according to demand, or when needing less device to be able to obtain place to need to yield only, reduce yield and reduce cost. Capital expenditure needs to be able to produce immediate effect to place when one advantage is investing equipment of new cutting tool after. Job of research and development is in recently but dislocation razor blade boils cut technical respect to gain headway, for this one major treatment domain brought remarkable profit. Concept of new-style CoroMill 176 (those who include to be machined with Yu Gang through optimizing but razor blade of dislocation hard alloy) provided appropriate cutting tool, so that make full use of current hard usage and the equipment rolling mill of high power. People thinks integral cutting tool is compared generally but cutting tool of dislocation razor blade is more accurate. Hob of new high grade HSS can reach these expectation, but if the cutting tool after wearing away is not ground again with coating, irretentive precision. Dislocation razor blade needs dislocation only or can change, want bit clamp system to accord with a requirement only, won't cause the effect of a bit to precision. Accordingly, this crucial characteristic of new idea is interface of its ILock razor blade. This clamp system is mixed by bit, wedge piece bolt (every) composition, use convenient and quick. Check through relapsing, a client expresses, bit changes time shortens every razor blade 7 seconds. For the cutting tool that is as high as 100 to bit amount, this one advantage is self-evident. There is a slideway to secure bit on the face that prop up in due position, in order to ensure its precision and repeat fixed position, prevent to produce side direction shift. From more average level character, this boils anew cut a concept to mirror from traditional whole cutting tool to more efficient, more of economy but the macroscopical technology trend that solution of dislocation razor blade changes. The new-style machine tool of hard usage especially can from but good people of benefit of hob of dislocation hard alloy is much. Sum up a kind new but the replacement scheme of integral HSS hob that hob concept offerred dislocation hard alloy to have cost effectiveness. With but dislocation cutting tool replaces integral cutting tool to be able to decrease significantly relevant maintain an operation. New hob makes in order to is reached easily have the feature such as tall cutting parameter, mean manufacturing efficiency to be able to rise apparently. CNC Milling