Authorised edition of software of Shenzhen city business is changed advance working conference to be in deep ring down the curtain satisfactorily

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On July 31, 2008, by Shenzhen city intellectual property bureau is sponsorred, heng Hao of association of copyright of city of federation of protection of Guangdong province copyright, Shenzhen, abb builds science and technology (Shenzhen) limited company collective assist do " authorised edition of software of Shenzhen city business is changed advance working meeting " , in Shenzhen garden Ge Lanyun extremely big hotel is held ceremoniously. Xiao Jie of vice director of office of intellectual property of Shenzhen city protection installs, director of bureau of Shenzhen city copyright: Wu of Zhang Xuebin of section chief of result of Xu Youjun, willow bright and beautiful, law is in Yue Heng, Luo Hu edition of Liu of chairman of union of protection of copyright of province of Shi Xingzhong of deputy director general of bureau of science and technology, Guangdong is filled, Chen Yan of secretary-general of association of Shenzhen city copyright, abb judge. This second job conference is Shenzhen city is advanced " work of software of enterprise use authorised edition implements plan " since norms conference with the greatest power of harmony of highest, dimensions, reflected government and guild adequately to be in the blow pilfer edition and protective intellectual property, resolution that uses original software place to fall to urge a company. One, increase copyright to popularize strength, the copyright that raises the whole people protects consciousness, whole thrust uses original software to work to fulfil a party to be carried out deep into Shenzhen city industry seventeen innovate independently about rising greatly drive of innovation of ability, construction nation, the creation that encourages work and industrialization are managed, drive industry of Shenzhen city copyright to promote the market competition ability ceaselessly, develop the way that the industry that attachs most importance to a heart with copyright protection can develop continuously, bigger effect is produced in letting prosperity of the economic development that copyright industry is promoting Guangdong, culture, society progress, shenzhen city intellectual property bureau (copyright bureau) Xu Youjun of copyright bureau director made important speech on the opening ceremony, appeal whole society, each company acts collective attention, actively, self-conscious and fast affiliation comes in copyright protection act. Announce target of job of copyright of near future of bureau of Shenzhen city copyright and working arrangement, the requirement is carried out seriously fulfil national drive, drive an enterprise to use original software work in the round, abide by discipline is formed in whole society abide by the law, sincere letter is managed, boycott pilfer edition software, the good society atmosphere of software of use authorised edition. 2, in-depth survey, stress a focal point, analytic the copyright of harm Guangdong province of the inevitable tide that software authorised edition turns and tort pilfer edition protected union chairman Liu Bancheng to explain to public the phasic report that I omit intellectual property to protect: 1, undertake investigating trying to find out the real intention, make working target, government of each division people also wants to undertake investigating trying to find out the real intention to the enterprise of this area under administration, and this area under administration advances formulate the working target of software of enterprise use authorised edition. 2, each enterprise wants to will be checked oneself reach from correct change software circumstance signs up for each industry to be in charge of branch and city industry to use original software work to head a group. The requirement is achieved arrive from the dot face, expand to check effect   oneself 3, take the lead by city copyright bureau, concerned branch and each guild attend, to the enterprise work of software of use authorised edition undertakes superintend and director guides checking, copyright administration department uses original software work to want to undertake be superintendencied daily lawfully to the enterprise, increase the strength that hits tort pilfer edition. Protect the legitimate rights and interests of copyright person, uphold normal market economy order. Secretary-general of Chen Yan of association of Shenzhen city copyright is on the meeting " raise copyright protection to do chemical industry of good software authorised edition to make -- look forward to of benefit state interest " published serious talk. Include from safeguard company brand, operation of company safe production, the asset of software manages, make low cost, effective authorised edition change all directions such as plan to faced enterprise copyright protection to undertake detailed analysis. Old secretary-general points out, association of Shenzhen city copyright serves as those who advance an enterprise to use original software to work assist run an unit, will roll out a series of service measure to be company service; 1, assist city intellectual property bureau to do software of good authorised edition to register above all put on record working   2, constituent software manufacturer holds software product to recommend meeting, recommend actor to change a solution to the enterprise. 3, accept group of privilege of industry organization signing up to buy   4, offer public service platform and   of information of public natural resources 5, the unit that recommends accomplishment of consummate of chemical industry of software authorised edition to highlight enters into an election contest " company of Shenzhen city intellectual property advantage "   3, business software is worn counterpoise, 10 thousand Wang Zhiming of office of Shang Tianqin intellectual property's directors wear what the case such as authority tort dispute had depth to analyse to business software, the legal responsibility that the cognizance principle of tort of the common type that includes software tort action, software and software tort agree carry. Detailed solution the question of a few relevant law that guest raises, substantial legal knowledge, professional and meticulous solution makes the atmosphere on field reached a climax. 4, it is with CAD exemple, analysed a company how low cost, authorised edition of software of CAD of high quality implementation changes abb Heng Hao to build science and technology (Shenzhen) limited company discusses exclusive CAD authorised edition to change solution provider as Bencihui, be invited collective assist do this second meeting. CAD authorised edition changes senior and advisory Mr Yu Yong, with abb judge CAD is exemple, solve what CAD authorised edition changes to implement plan for what the enterprise raised high quality low cost. Can go up to be mixed from Chinese market internationalization at adviser the heavy visual range that the proceed with of big setting condition after joining W T O analyses the whole world to be protected to copyright in the round is spent, of the sale strategy that introduces foreign software company to be in China for the foundation with Chinese national condition and company of Chinese nation software live environment. Introduce abb judge appear on the market company industry setting and abb judge the characteristic of CAD. 1) , own completely own intellectual property, register in national copyright bureau, enjoy computer software to be worn authority, check attestation through authoritative branch; 2) , completely compatible Auto CAD, graphical pattern is consistent, operation habit is consistent, software interface is adjacent, applied process is compatible, free and custom-built function; 3) , have development capacity 2 times, abb judge chose " platform + develops software 2 times " regard long-term development as mode, develop proper motion 2 times and mix stage by stage domestic each domain is top class and professional software firm cooperates, the CAD series product that builds to cover the much industry such as building, mechanical, electric power, mapping, electron, toy, adornment; 4) , abb judge what CAD carries a technology is banner reach long-term development program, at present software platform stability, compatibility, executive efficiency is in domestic lead position; Finally, point out at adviser: "China protects intellectual property, also be the demand that oneself expands. " homebred software (like homebred CAD software) still be in punier condition, need the protection of intellectual property more, the sales revenue that needs to obtain expectation through effective protection more with throwing a product again what Bencihui discusses research and development is successful hold, it is software of Shenzhen city authorised edition pushs the work specific the beginning that fulfil, believe the government passes the joint efforts of each respect such as association, enterprise, obligee, the legal consciousness that will increase a business and of management concept newer; Increase further as what intellectual property protects strength, original software advances further development of the job, make concerted effort of social all circles, original software advances the job to will take bigger effect. CNC Milling