Whorl cutting is compound circular G76 instruction

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Whorl cutting is compound circularly (G76) G78C (M) R (R) E (E) A (A) X (U} Z (W) L (I) K (K) U (D) V (△ Dmin) Q (△ D) P (P) F (L) sees graph 1-39 place is shown, among them M, for finishing turning frequency (1 one 99) . F, for length of axis of whorl ending Z, its are increment size. θ , for length of axis of whorl ending X, its are increment size. α , for whorl tooth horn, namely angle of point of a knife, can be in 80, 60, 55, 30, 29, the value of X axis coordinate that whorl terminus C is when U, absolute instruction choosing in 6 kinds of 0 angle: Whorl terminus C is when increment dictates, a of opposite loop start is in X sleeve to distance. The Z axis coordinate of C of terminus of the W, whorl when be absolute instruction is worth: Whorl terminus is when increment dictates the distance of A of start of C opposite loop in Z axial. The I, radius that is whorl start B and terminal C is poor. K, for whorl tooth height, its are radius value. D, for finish machining surplus, its are radius value. △ Dmln, for deepness of the smallest cutting. Become the a fewth times namely cutting, deepness △ D (when this is worth } , Xiaoyu, undertake cutting with this value, its are radius value. △ D, D, for deepness of first time cutting. Its are radius value. I, for whorl lead (the distributinging case that shows depth of the penetration of a cutting tool in be being machined circularly for whorl with place of 1-40 of G32) graph. For example: (1-41 seeing a picture) %1041N1 G92 X100 Z110N2 M03N3 G91 X-10 Z-5N4 G78 C2R-3E1.


598Z-751, 7.





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