Those who change conventional treatment concept is all-purpose establish milling cutter

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Straight wall treatment is used all-purpose the tigidity that establishs cutting tool of milling cutter FXS-MFE is hanged 3 times when extend a capacity with its just become inverse ratio, just become direct ratio 2 times with what cutting tool cross section accumulates. Accordingly, of cutting tool dangerous extend if the quantity is very big, its tigidity can be reduced apparently, such cutting tool is competent very hard high speed cutting. In mould treatment, the treatment that use ball head stands milling cutter to have profile modeling mill is very much, this establishs milling cutter to have with respect to requirement ball head very big dangerous extend a capacity. When the design establishs milling cutter, connect regular meeting to be joined between blade ministry and petiole those who contain taper is cervical, raise the tigidity of cutter hub greatly, make its can be competent the requirement of high speed cutting. But become when straight wall is taller, this kind of method is no good. To solve the problem of efficient, expensive precision work of straight wall, japanese OSG company developed FXS-MFE to establish milling cutter, this is one kind rectifies hard alloy of form of characters or letters to establish milling cutter, petiole is a bit finer than blade ministry, knife is long shorter, the coping of cutting blade and rear have R of circular arc horn, establish milling cutter surface to TiAlN fastens multilayer and compound coating at the same time. Because cutting blade ministry is short, can reduce the resistance when cutting. In straight wall treatment, can take treatment of type of a flight of stairs, realize high speed treatment thereby. In the meantime, because cutting obstruction is reduced, the verticality of the surface roughness that machines a face and straight wall also got ameliorative. Especially helix angle of this kind of the chamfer that discharge bits that establishs milling cutter uses novel and original design, make in cutting process no matter cutter hub turns to what position, cutter hub and be maintained by treatment surface contacted at 2 o'clock, return the stability that can improve treatment so. Machine the straight wall of SKD61(40HRC) , the height of straight wall is 57.

5mm. Long knife (F10mm) establish milling cutter with cutting speed 20m/min, feed speed 127mm/min, the bend gradient after taking a knife is 0.

049mm, to reduce bend gradient of the wall, cut with radial again deeply 0, take a knife 3 times, final slant measured control to arrive 0.

017mm. Compare with this photograph, undertake high speed cutting with FXS-MFE(f12mm × R1mm) , although 57.

The straight wall of 5mm divides cutting of type of a flight of stairs 5 times to finish, but its cutting speed is 150m/min, send speed to be 1061mm/min, treatment efficiency gets very big rise, and the bend gradient after treatment is 0.

018mm, if be cut with radial again deeply 0, repeat such high speed treatment, bend gradient is reduced to 0.

010mm, treatment precision also gets rising. FXS-MFE besides can improve treatment greatly in straight wall treatment outside precision of efficiency, treatment, still can serve as the lengthen that takes circular arc part model establish milling cutter to use, in milling aperture, model in the treatment such as antrum, cant OK distinguish oneself. 2.

Puissant model all-purpose establish milling cutter FXS-PKE high rotate speed, small cut deep high speed light cutting to machine easy in finish machining implementation, but the requirement that cannot satisfy efficient treatment however in rough machining. To increase unit time inside cut belong to eduction quantity, bigger cutting deep amount is one of essential conditions. With the mould model antrum treatment is exemple, can say the quantity of the eduction that cut bits inside unit time means treatment efficiency. Cutting tool requires in place when the diameter is lesser, efficient model antrum milling treatment comes true harder. To solve this problem, OSG company development was developed puissant model all-purpose establish milling cutter FXS-PKE, knife is long controlled be in minimal, blade ministry has R of circular arc horn, the chamfer after the platoon uses design of big helix angle, it is OK to assured to cut bits smooth eduction. We use FXS - PKE(f12mm) undertakes on S45C mill chamfer is machined, deep 6mm is cut in axial, cutting speed 132m/min, below the high speed condition of feed speed 2100mm/min, after 30m of milling of this milling cutter, cutter hub all around wear away at the back of blade extremely slight still can continue to use. With FXS-PKE(f10) treatment antrum, the mill on preexistence workpiece gives 15mm of a diameter, the aperture of deep 25mm, become its enlarge mill the four square of 25mm of × of a 25mm antrum again. The cutting speed when hole milling is 150m/min, feed speed 3820mm/min, axial gives an amount for 0.

3mm/r. The cutting speed when enlarge mill is 110m/min, feed speed 1400mm/min, radial is cut deeply 5mm, axial is cut deeply 7mm. The efficiency that can see its rough machining is very tall. And use same establish milling cutter, cut radial deep instead only 0.

1mm, can complete precision work with it. Those who need an attention is to be in treatment of such efficient heavy cut, it is very tall that the clip of contrary milling cutter holds force to ask, if clip holds power insufficient, incidental cutting tool falls off accident. "Mill chamfer treatment uses 2 blade to establish milling cutter, the sidewall with deeper mill uses long knife model establish milling cutter " , because these traditional concepts are all-purpose the development development that establishs product of milling cutter series has been broken successfully. What OSG company develops is all-purpose there still is the horn before losing to establish milling cutter in establishing milling cutter set, the before losing part that takes circular arc part establishs milling cutter, lengthen handle dig greatly with establish milling cutter. What these sort that develop in the light of different utility abound is all-purpose establish product of milling cutter series, believe to be able to machine the approach with new open up for efficient milling. CNC Milling