Quality of library of NGS of insular ferry development controls a method (attached drawing)

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Current, as new generation measures foreword appearance inside the industry (NGS) the technology develops, the analysis of because its are OK corresponding high demand handles ability, to scope of application of this one instrument, already expanded Denovo measures foreword, mutation, outside show child the domain such as group and gene expression analysis. And when using this kinds of instrument, to get the favorable result that measure order, the size that needs to master NGS library distributings and chroma, the above information that a series of books issued in a single format by a publisher charges character when reason is using NGS system is very important. Normally, distributing to affirm the size of NGS library, electrophoresis of gel of candy of much use agaragar serves as main measure. And to affirm chroma, still need to deploy real time fluorescence mensurable PCR appearance and fluorescent spectrophotometer, this makes be being operated to quality pilot from library preparation is a series of complex manual operation. Accordingly, the person that use raises need fast, handy and the NGS library quality with low price controls a method, and, this kind of demand also can undertake measuring the maturity of foreword technology to many sample at the same time as alignment of use Index label, undertake quality pilot library the amount increases somewhat and rise. Be aimed at user need, insular ferry development goes corresponding NGS library quality to control a method. Ferry of island of its have the aid of is full automatic instrument of electrophoresis appearance MCE-202MultiNA, apply in the quality control of NGS library, the RNA alignment that is based on this pair of small rat undertook successful analysis. This application method and relevant example of small mouse experiment has been released. CNC Milling