How can rise litre fall the treatment quality of component

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An Italy production is used at lifting platform or be the train whorl of the accurate rod that maintenance uses, echelon and the enterprise of globose runner shaft coming back used number of a kind of special computerization to control now (CNC) mill coming back machines a machine tool, aborning improved the treatment quality of workpiece greatly. The professional manufacturer that the Unimec group that is located in Italian Monza is gear case of tine of screw jack of a production, umbrella and modulation archives. On the webpage of Unimec group people can see, mark has " Italy designs an element " the component of model of written characters is the treatment on machine tool of the LWN160 4000 that produces development of technical limited company in Swiss Leistritz mill coming back make come out. Use this model the workpiece quality that treatment of machine tool place produces had remarkable promotion. If be to machine production screw type to remove heavy gearing, it is very important at 2 o'clock to have: One is essence of life the ability that exact athletic flow still has is big boycott campaign, such ability ensure heavy gearing is in since screw type henceforth on the safe side runs in using. Machine tool of the LWN160 4000 that uses Leistritz to produce technical limited company to offer mill coming back can machine component of production lifting platform effectively, shortened normally the product that the gearing with good for commodity cycle treatment asks its axis surface machines treatment of group of quality tall Unimec to make, no matter be globose whorl, of the gearing of turbine wheel shaft, still be echelon axis all reached high quality level. Helix conveyer is driven by engine move and by contain inside the helix drive of whorl and realize certain whirligig. Will drive roll of one main shaft through helix drive, adopt helix drive, this main shaft undertakes essence of life grants radial motion. Such, the roll of helix became gearing main shaft with changeover of this kind of means go up or be issued to lower levels is rotational. Should ensure litre fall function and the accuracy that move, the roll of gearing main shaft must reach spotless level. The precision of the exterior quality of this pair of main shaft and geometrical dimension raised particularly tall requirement. The main shaft that treatment makes and main shaft nut and turbine must reach formulary value, and the two shares that can spell a plan like achieve mutual and perfect clench the teeth in that way. If short of this premise condition, can bring about so shorten the service life of gearing, and the noise when exercise is increased, whole the efficiency that chooses litre of unit also cannot the requirement of short of client. To improve productivity, unimec group of Italy decides investment purchases Leistritz to manufacture machine tool of the LWN160 4000 of new development of technical limited company mill coming back. The technologist that occupies Unimec group says, this company uses bed of this new outward turning a favourable turn to make produced work flow to achieve maximize, shortened the time that offer money. In addition, the formulary value of exterior quality of the axis and geometrical dimension is apparently good at be known as " Italy is made " the quality requirement of axial product. After using bed of a favourable turn of new LWN160 4000 outward turning, unimec group reached workpiece surface mass in instant of axial treatment production respect 3 optimal values, namely Ra0.

02, was equivalent to realizing grinder to machine the level of exercise namely. And this group company undertakes processing work in the series machine tool that makes in order to is gone to when, exterior quality of the axis is optimal the value is Ra0.

08. This company is used new bed of purchased outward turning a favourable turn divides the high accuracy that obtained work outside, still can machine whorl of production axis, echelon, globose runner shaft and special section. Unimec group a series of relevant data verified this firm is quality of product of a treatment Gao Hesheng produces the company with high efficiency: Lathe baseplate grows to be 100mm for diameter of main shaft of 4m, lathe, this kind of lathe is as long as with what be 18~120mm at machining production diameter the axis with much 6m, and ask according to the client, these axes still contain whorl; Computerization number controls 9 axes machine tool machining center, its lever has 4 stationary fixture (graph 1) ; Machine tool thimble can get off, use control equipment of Xi Menzi company to undertake controlling; Undertake processing work by operation personnel remote control directly, appear in order to avoid machine program mistake or the mistake appears when processing new material; Use Marposs system to realize automation whorl new clamp, in order to because slide and form wrong chamfer fixed position of circumgyrate nut,avoid; Axial horn allows tolerancepublic errand to be ± 0.

01 ° , and transverse chamfer slide block (X axis) with put together to groovy slide block (Z axis) fixed position accuracy is in 0.

002mm less than; The tigidity of lathe is good, the primary feed when treatment works can come true efficient treatment works; As a result of engine direct link contains the annulus of bit, because this improved treatment exercise efficiency. In addition, the oriented system that the machine tool lubricates of proper motion, use decrease lukewarm jet (Cooling Gun Air) the system undertakes turning processes work doing type, prevent cutting tool be affected by the heat. In the meantime, turning machines work environment to be compared clean; The annular cutting tool that contains bit contains 4 or 6 clamping element, workpiece of such metal of facilitating treatment horniness (prior operation / finish machining / treatment pouring arris) . Besides, use bed of a favourable turn of new LWN160 4000 outward turning to still can process blame alloy workpiece, alloy workpiece and workpiece of high grade alloy and fine steel work; The system of exterior preliminary adjustment of the machine tool is used at changing quickly at any time turning is annular cutting tool. Graph 1 with Xi Menzi control equipment has pilot computerization number controls 9 axes machine tool machining center; 4 among them axes are what be independent type each other in addition, bed of a favourable turn of the LWN160 4000 that Unimec group uses outward turning still dogs of system, with new clamp whorl. Use such part, can be apart from in the center that surmounts a machine tool (6000mm) the treatment workpiece that the problem is without below the circumstance. The function of unit of division of external preliminary adjustments is, when treatment exercise needs, will contain the rotating ring of bit to process work quite in short time internal energy repeat accuracy to adjust ± 0.

01. Bed of a favourable turn of new LWN160 4000 outward turning gave Unimec group to bring the advantage that has strategic sense more very much in processing work, enhanced the competition ability of the enterprise. For example, after using bed of a favourable turn of new LWN160 4000 outward turning, this group can be machined quickly make contain grain of right left Xiang Luo one at most archives axis. Machine tool of the LWN160 4000 that limited company of Leistritz production technology develops mill coming back besides can be used at treatment to make echelon and globose loop rod, the special type section that still can be used at processing work (graph 2) . Before purchasing machine tool of LWN160 4000 mill coming back, unimec group already purchased the machine tool main shaft of special diameter and special pitch. Say according to Unimec group, because this company can machine the special type section of production workpiece, increased the technical tricks of the trade of this company not only so, and still shortened greatly treatment offers commodity cycle. Graph 2 now, litre fall a work that processes group of production expert Unimec to also can machine special type section CNC Milling