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PowerSHAPE Pro provided a group of distinctive, powerful, tools that use easily, help you are fast, efficient produce 3D CAD model through scanning data. PowerSHAPE Pro is current only part is Yun Jianmo of real time scanning, dot, reseau, hypostatic on the market, curved surface, direct build a model, assemble and the solution of project of give somebody a new lease on life that plot is an organic whole. No matter be to be caught afresh,already had a part, or it is to redesign the model that does not have CAD data, still be made for improvement and undertake give somebody a new lease on life is designed, powerSHAPE Pro can be answered easily. Brief introduction of main function of PowerSHAPE Pro 2014 Re-Engineering. Scanning PowerSHAPE Pro can receive facility of scanning of laser of overall main trend repeatedly directly. As the scanning of the spare parts, scanning result shows immediately in surveillant screen, the full details that ensures scanning needs to place. Powerful point edits a tool to be able to delete useless dot, or it is any miscellaneous dots in purify scanning data. Can incorporate easily quickly the dot cloud that independent scanning forms, generate ideal, complete hardware data. The divisible large or complex data that nod the cloud, simplify data, quicken the processing of large data model thereby. Reseau PowerSHAPE Pro also offerred powerful reseau jockey to provide, help you build a model quickly. Can seal a top through plane or be smooth suitable, cut the reseau area with successive arrow piece, aperture of fast, easy stuff and clearance; Use seesaw pattern reseau to carve a tool to delete blemish, or be increase or delete detail. Can simplify reseau area or arrange a triangle, plan in order to improve to combine quality. Use tools of pair of intuitionistic neat fixed position, can be opposite reseau Qi Yuyi is foregone direction, or it is to produce new user coordinate department to appoint standard position interactively. All the STL model data that these tools also back an input, this makes PowerSHAPE Pro is become can handle come from any resource, the ideal reproducing tool of the reseau data of any forms. The PowerSHAPE Pro that build a model includes many curved surface and substance to build modular tool, help you complete a project in the shortest time. Can arise through reseau sectional, definition substance builds a model or curved surface builds the form and structure of line draw a frame round that requires in the model. The intelligent cursor that owns patent can take the crucial place on the model, coach you produce linear, circular arc and curve, simplify the model establishs compose procedure. But automatic and divisional reseau plans to synthesize curved surface of standard system element or hypostatic appearance, if columnar, planar, turn coming back is mixed,squeeze piece, accelerate prism body spare parts propose form. Can use the complex area in model of envelope of curved surface of smooth, high quality. Can cut out interactively curved surface, produce theoretical model. Can use the powerful hypostatic tool that build a model to build the model that compose already finished afresh, whole reframe the process has complete feature to build compose history, go to the lavatory to edit subsequently. Nextpage revised PowerSHAPE Pro to offer a variety of production to prepare a tool, the help improves your production efficiency. Can examine a few common modelling issues in the model interactively, if unplug improperly diameter of modular horn, smaller part and thin wall. Use the powerful direct tool that build a model to be able to increase taper, slant buy shape face, change circle pours horny radius or be delete or revise a feature. Can identify such as aperture, model antrum and protruding stage feature offer automatic treatment. Can shape model depart antrum and model core, can produce the range distributing a model of complex part automatically, for final industry pattern design and production are used. Applied PowerSHAPE Pro is used at nonexistent CAD data or the circumstance that do not have CAD data in great quantities. Spare parts of the market after carry out uses reproducing method to make the former plant component with high price normally, especially car spare parts. Scanning is primitive spare parts, catch scanning data, the extruding film that through it reproducing gives ideal or note a pattern. The handiwork with the tradition duplicates and photograph of method of profile modeling mill is compared, can save amount to the time of 60% , make spare parts can lower than former plant part a lot of cost are fast delivery market. Because the film of industry pattern extruding that renovates attaint works environmental extreme is abominable, wear away very easily and damage. Of modelling face or flash face wear away can make the mould cannot be used very quickly, cannot squelch the part that gives correct figure and precision. Through scanning already despotic spare parts or it is the mould is medium a certain did not damage area, can have repair effectively quickly, reduce machine down time as far as possible thereby, economic and new make whole and brand-new the charge of the mould. Duplicate one already a lot of models and mould still use some industry patterns traditional technique, pass 2D plot to make directly. If need to duplicate to already had a pattern, produce in order to increase can, the converse project method that can use efficient low cost will finish. Scanning already had industry pattern, give somebody a new lease on life has in PowerSHAPE Pro, the CAM software that uses Delcam world to precede directly next undertakes machining process designing. Equipment of electron of changeover physics prototype, home appliance and the archetypal spare parts of a few consumable pass bubble, colophony normally or other material uses manual honest legal system to become. Need becomes archetypal changeover 3D CAD model, in order to contrast other component, if circuit board and mechanical spare parts undertake assorted to check, still need to produce corresponding industry pattern at the same time. PowerSHAPE Pro provided powerful converse project function, and the model is assembled and scale function, can ensure you complete the each step that physical prototype changes, ensure finished part satisfies each need. CNC Milling