Be based on the working flow management of product structure

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0 brief introduction are in average PDM system, differentiate the management of project data normally for two parts, it is the management that blocks to static data article; The 2 management that are technological process of pair of dynamic data design. Two kinds of government are relatively independent, belong to different module. Factitious ground cuts apart product structure and working flow, the documentation that brings about pair of generation in designing a process undertakes administrative inconvenience, the beard after design process is finished spends many time and energy to undertake arranging to documentation data, ability gets each branches produce the product construction of all sorts of BOM view is. This kind of practice appears easily accident, and the efficiency that affects design, production. The article offers the management of a kind of design technological process that is based on product structure tree, can manage in real time to designing circuit, monitoring, the nature after design technological process ends gets designing the product structure of the product, in order to realize a design the process is whole to documentation manage with efficient ground. The final result that the administrative model of data of 1 product static state produces to designing a process -- electronic documentation, need organizes memory by certain kind, the inquiry of facilitating design personnel, cite and revise. Before the means that computer management software uses folder normally undertakes administrative, this did not reflect the concern between documentation completely. And a few accessary information of documentation are complete without expression. In the factory, traditional design documentation material often reachs the relation between its component with the product (assemble a relation for example) have constituent government for clew, because of this, build the model of structure of component of a product, and documentation to it associated, form a complete product structure model. Concentration reachs his to describe documentation to undertake operate and be maintenanced to product component. Such, even if uses an operation at the user, the complete expression that is helpful for data again and safeguard, offer all sorts of BOM view for each branches conveniently at the same time. This model is shown like plan institute, use object-oriented method, product structure reduce 3 administrative levels: Product model (Product   Model) : With the structure that how forms a product at describing all sorts of component. What product model reflects is the place between component assembles a relation likely, it describes the most abstract relationship between component. The product configures (Product   Configuration) : It is arrange mutually exclusive condition and the structure of the component composition product that has particular version, it described the design history changes that uses in product structure to concern the version of these all inferior component in component, component and relevant documentation; Material detailed list (  of Bill   Of Material) : The product structure that the component that example changes forms, its since can be used at the list of directive production, it is to establish documentation and framework of component relation structure. Material detailed list is OK with graph and form two kinds of forms are reflected. The three-layer model that product structure runs: ▲ pursues the interfacial kind that 1   ties popularity of current operating system, systematic left shows configuration or material detailed list (BOM) tree, right shows relevant documentation. Documentation can be the file of all sorts of types, through different application the program activations and edit them. The process of administrative model design of data of 2 products trends is the process of a dynamic change, will tell from collateral project angle, design activity refines exercisable degree only, ability may be collateral develop the work. Will tell from optimized angle, designing an activity is to relapse ceaselessly, the process of ceaseless advancement. Every design activity can interpret a mission, a series of activities that the user needs to finish on time in use system process can call the job. Be aimed at different perspective, introduce two concepts to try to describe to working flow: The task flows: The task from found refine ceaselessly arrive again finished whole process, after will specific work is decomposed, in appropriate time make known to lower levels gives proper person, make the job can finish on time. This is from collateral project angle the analysis designs a process, this kind of inaccuracy finalizes the design the flow characteristic of the type is to be had rarely time boil wait for unusual operation, but issue change possibly in the logistic executive process of flow, the task concerns early or late the definition is more inattentive, the requirement attempers artificially, control is more, working flow manages a system to provide auxiliary monitoring capability. The job flows: Documentation from found optimize repeatedly ceaselessly improve arrive again the whole process of file, by a certain number of measure composition, these measure form a digraph, around has fixed sequential logic. This basically is optimize angle to analyse design process from the design. Management of flow of this kind of work is more affirmatory model, the sequential logic in flow issues change rarely in executive process, but time boil etc unusual operation is more, tall to executive dependability requirement, those who ask working flow runs a system attemper, monitoring capability is strong. Those who need a specification is, the work that defines here flows to shed administrative alliance with the job (Coalition of   of Workflow   Management) the job that offer flows somewhat difference, this alliance is a management process in that part that implements automatically by all of computer science department calls the job to flow. It is all processes that show working flow manages a system to control its to carry out actually, its should include afore-mentioned task to flow with the job. Task shedding refines a process ceaselessly as a when design an activity, refine what granuality to be worth to discuss, the smallest operand that refines pair of design processes -- the operation of documentation is appropriate. Because the characteristic of task shedding is to refine the task,such differentiating is, the process that optimizes repeatedly is less, this also is one of accounts that introduce two ideas to flow management; The 2nd reason and build product structure tree to concern, will be in hind civil go into particulars. Working shedding is improved in be close to the process that finish ceaselessly besides the documentation in reflecting design process, optimized process, bore with farther to documentation operation measure refining works at the same time, also be a kind of process that decomposes the task, also support the serial, collateral operation of pair of documentation work measure of course. No matter be task shedding, still be working shedding, it is the processing of information and process of going from place to place essentially. These information can be divided according to different motive it is 3 kinds, applied information regards design process as the main body on this automation line, it is the operand that designs an activity, also be the result that designs mobile place pursuit; Dominating news is the position that the system uses the example in controlling flow and working way; The judgement condition that the data that associated information defines information of the application in designing circuit by the user is flowed to or flows. Management of Cheng of PDM system midstream basically is centered in the expression of control information and associated information and processing, and give the processing that uses information all sorts of application processes go finishing. Any work flow includes a group of activities and their correlation, start and end a requirement what still include process and activity, and the description to the activity. Tasks of any a design cannot leave the 3 flow management models that are based on product structure to design object of target, design and design staff 3 element, spread out around these 3 element and all design activities have. From products plan complete lifecycle considers, build a flow management model that is based on product structure, finishing design job while, complete the management of pair of product structures, those who achieve administration of design, production job is efficient, unified and optimize. (1) in basically designing process of thought products plan, the decomposes a process to be able to regard product structure to generate process of the task, as the task refine ceaselessly, product structure tree also is growing ceaselessly, finish when the task after referring, product structure (BOM is cultivated) also finished. the useful information in designing circuit extraction comes out, try abstract abstraction, attainable a complete product structure tree. (2) have the measure design to new product, total job found those who mean node of product structure root to generate, of the task refine delegate new node ceaselessly (basically be component) generate, after each new node is generated, can refine further, decompose child the task, produced node namely. The task contains application, control and associated information in process of going from place to place, to it corresponding example is all sorts of documentation and documentation add attribute and job status. Distributing to shed engine to comprise whole working technological process to serve together in the many tasks on each node, engine of every task shedding is in charge of the task of all users on this node and application shedding relevant task to manage. They are the communication between, harmonious come true by means of client / server. Actual in, after design personnel accepts the job, regard this task as the controller of node, need completes the work of two respects, it is to refine design task further, a when make product structure tree ramose try to safeguard, 2 it is to found relevant documentation and its job to flow, and documentation and product structure relevant couplet. After the task decomposes the operation to documentation, the framework that BOM establishs was finished, the foliaceous node controller that the system cultivates according to product structure and child working shedding measure mixes the documentation that node controller makes phasing answer to the task decompose, the applied data that refines the each pace operation to documentation and task place to need conveys to design staff correctly in right time. Deferent means can use mail system, convey task information and the documentation that require a design together architect. To foliaceous node, pass when corresponding documentation a series of design, examine and approve, revise, optimize until after be being referred formally, the job that this leaf chooses is accused finish. To child node, its are only inferior child node and the documentation with corresponding itself are finished at the same time, this node task just is accused finish. Such, by below consummate completing design technological process while form tree of a BOM. What need points out is, the dot is not BOM burl dot and task Xie Jie one to one correspondence, it is a pair of much impacts actually, namely node of a component is likely fractionize gives much portion documentation, produce much stature job. And a task is OK the operation that executes same technological process to much portion documentation. Nod existence correspondence to concern because of the task and BOM burl just about, undertake the task sheds mobile place to be aimed at so most subsection is documentation, and a certain move that the job that is not documentation correspondence sorts. Revise the many iteration in designing a process, the job that optimize and has fixed sequential logic is put in documentation undertake in working shedding, reduce this kind to answer the influence with the not stable generation that rolls a process to be cultivated to product structure often as far as possible, avoid working shedding to secure sequential logic to manacle the task on the other hand decompose and of product structure build, because local suffocate suffocate causes the halt of whole design work. Flow management and product construction concern pursue as follows be shown: ▲ pursues the job that work of 2   design is a rich creativity, design documentation is referred there still may be much data to revise after releasing, this model uses a project to change means to undertake modification to the documentation that already referred and relevant component, this kind of change needs to experience modificatory request, change to carry out, change releases 3 level. Additional, the system still offers pair of projects to change more the function that has dogging recording, avoid to be revised at will to issuance documentation. In order to achieve the oneness of data management and security. Products plan is finished after referring, if this product presence improves a design, structure of farther rich product is cultivated on the base that can establish in BOM, use the history that the colophon products plan of component develops and scheme for selection, the activity that experiences task shedding again attainable product configures a tree, get the promotion of administrative levels. To having the company of seriation product production, the abstraction that can undertake higher administrative levels, Baconian, but this job needs a person to be versed in as seesaw as the computer pattern undertakes, on the foundation that configures a tree in the product, according to this seriation product the circumstance builds the likelihood a product structure tree that has abstract meaning node comes, repass is copied or cite the relation adds product configuration node go up, form complete product structure tree. The following remodel or it is OK to improve a design undertake on the foundation in product model or configuration. Make full use of to already had design positive result thereby, improve the documentation management that designs lifecycle, shorten the design is periodic. This system provides the tool that builds three-layer model, the enterprise manages his design documentation on what administrative levels, can decide according to particular case. Think of the application of 4 systems model further in last few years, artificial intelligence technology especially expert system achieved greater progress. If can introduce knowledge base and inferential machine to be united in wedlock with product structure photograph, so after be being built when product model, through artificial and seesaw pattern the input restrains a condition, can realize the proper motion design on certain level, this suits to be used at producing the business of seriation product particularly, its design efficiency rising is quite considerable. Of the reform as orgnaization of our country enterprise and design personnel recombine, a kind of design administration pattern that is core with project project is in sadly arisen, closely around the project, the personnel that crosses branch, section office the organization is together, unified managing and unite of solid pedestrian, money, content attemper, with period achieve first-rate result. How model of system of further progress, promotion manages means to be worth to consider with supporting this to plant. Of the century hand in, the company that giving a tradition for fundamental IT with network news report brings huge impact, foreign developed country appears gradually ground of different ground design, different is made wait for new-style managing to produce kind, regard PDM as software, offer be based on Internet / to the product information of Intranet inquires and revise the resource configuration that will be helpful for industry group, improve design, productivity greatly. 5 actual conditions and discuss this system to get a country of 863 projects fund aid financially, development went INTEPDM3. 0 archetypal systems, save group of river bell automobile to undertake executive in Jiangxi on this foundation. Actual in in using taller to building the quality of modular personnel to ask, compose builds product structure to design personnel to want to be familiar with company product condition not only, and should have certain knowledge to the computer and its management. Want to build the product model of higher administrative levels especially, need to master object-oriented abstract method. Company design personnel is layer upon layer to this kind task of make known to lower levels, the working pattern that pursues class to refer should have to get used to a process. 6 last words provide supportive platform, complete to products plan activity lifecycle manages, be the objective that PDM system place pursues, through establishing structure of a complete product as close together as flow management tie, the administration that achieves complete to designing data lifecycle is completely likely. This will rise greatly and enhance the integrality that designs information expression and use efficient sex. Having good applied prospect. If can introduce expert system, aux will be able to makes systematic efficiency times add; In respect of computer network news report, supporting the multiple architecture that is based on Web browser is the development trend of PDM system. CNC Milling