Walk into Italy to appreciate food to pack new technology

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Traditional food packs material stannum and glass to wait more and more is plastic place is replaced, include to wait for a few traditions to be the domain of the main material that pack with glass in cosmetic, wine. Plastic not easy and broken, weight is light have cut off exceedingly goodly action, can protect its content content very well, in the meantime, contemporary material and processing technique still can reduce cost, realize much better exterior quality. The article introduces manufacturer of professional equipment of a few Italy to pack the innovation achievement of the domain in food. The new generation CCM 80 that much better product consistency develops by Italian Sacmi reduces forming machine, minutely can produce 2000 cap, time of every total cycle time is 2.

4 seconds. This machine was united in wedlock existing CCM 48 and 64 model apply control a process, gift compress shape technology a significant advantage, run independently through each other make punch reachs extremely tall product consistency. Although Injection Molding can achieve high manufacturing rate, but more trouble can be encountered in the quality respect that assures stability. The innovation of AMU science and technology is multilayer cut off technology, pack development for food only. Shape in inject in if use quite old pattern (often reach 128 pitch) , should maintain a constant temperature, make sure material distributings equably wait special difficulty a moment, the products that because this is unripe,yields cannot be identical. The line is held in high speed fill, the pecuniary loss that the stop production that causes by cap quality blemish brings exceeds the value of individual cap far. Reduce the quality that shapes to be stabilized with its and size, make a when cap produces valuable choice. CCM 80 is the good solution that those treat high yield company, be in for example a few rising markets (especially China, its are exclusive business of production of this one domain sells 35% ) . And, its invest opposite moderate necessarily: Normally the downstream machine of product line has been designed according to processing tall productivity, make thereby new machine can install the other part that be in existing product line and need not be replaced or revises this product line directly. This is one has extremely short period time, and the machine that can satisfy large quantities of quantities to produce, in the meantime, still can offer utilization rate of optimized energy natural resources. Actually, CCM 80 squeezes a control system newly to be used up in order to adjust as the energy of speed function of. Manufacturing rate be decided by is mixed at the type of cap geometrical appearance, make the unit cost of individual cap is reduced further thereby. " of change " the gain in using up a system to be able to make the machine is installed in all production. -- Www.


It -- of innovation multilayer cut off two when the system comes from Italian AMU science and technology newest innovation are special pack production at food. The first is the 7 layer board that separate function with Wu Youzu is crowded give product line. Of 7 layer board advocate the layer is PS or PP material pledge, with at container heat shapes, its cut off the effect is to pass a series of " adhesive " , make have what the colophony of special function is squeezed in all and get. This sheet is shown asymmetrical configuration, include to remove those who support action advocate layer, cut off since pair of oxygen and additionally 6 moisture action. By 5 Chan Luo that show radiative shape to decorate in different layer around smooth model head lever extruder produces this sheet. The 2nd innovation is the product line that produces 3 PET sheet. The client asks manufacturing sheet has the block secondary floor of as similar as a sheet structure. To achieve this one goal, AMU developed a system to cut off in order to realize online on PET sheet lamination film. To the quality at layer pressing plate, working parameter is very important, provided unit of an online control on this one product line accordingly, ensure first-rate temperature and the most appropriate contact condition. Use by Wu Cai with Xiang Shuang screw extruder removes moisture, need undertakes male dry to polymer or do not crystallize, press a PET sheet through making the same score modular head directly. Need not stop to produce what also can choose a layer to distributing. Press those who delay a part to use the high quantity of heat that takes hydraulic pressure clamp to exchange to press Yan Gun, devise measure by high actuating pressure. Press Yan Gun to use very rigid structure, reduced bear to bend greatly thereby. This product line still includes what with idler installation is together one to prevent block plant, heat up face plate of air male dry with what remove all moisture in preventing block solution. , Www.


It, mark heat is stuck to shape inside the model technical Berling (Germany) the polypropylene rubber packing sheet that produces through mark heat is being stuck to shape inside the model, used two F25 machines that offer by Italian OMV machinery, provided processing system of label of a robot. These automatic Electromechanical drive systems deserve to have decorate inside the model, can remove contractive effect. According to the design, the robot puts tag the pattern before container shapes inside, and be when periodic end, take out mark product is pasted inside the model. This robot processing system stands from a 2- buffer takes out label, in corresponding equipment lieutenant general they part, to counteracting figuration, insert them heat to shape in modular antrum. Shape after, will stick mark to make send to conveyer belt, pile, computation, and eliminate of defective spare parts. All these operations are finished in a single stage of production. Conveyer belt stand at figuration and go up heat between oven. Label scrollreels in figuration and transfer in modular antrum, below electrostatic help paste arrives appoint place. Shape at inject relatively, the good point that mark technology sticks inside the model uses to include on hot forming machine: The investment of mould and robot is inferior, faster cycle, by at inferior product weight economic data, right at with multilayer board shaping container can be improved cut off function. Should use with the cap of container form a complete set had printed beforehand, can heat up shaping sheet a future life to produce. Match to ensure this sheet decorates part and modular antrum, should heat up forming machine to provide a special system, use component of a photoelectricity to control the mark of sheet to bring. This solution is quick at Injection Molding. Final product not only lighter and adornment quality was not damaged by a bit. In addition, adopt this technique, all surfaces of cap are able to decorate, and not only area of evenness of ministry of confine Wu Zhong. , Www.


Com, the system of bottle of broad requirements PET that 2 footwork produce company of Siapi of bottle of wide mouth PET to develop. Recently, italian Siapi company produced business to offer EA1WMU of a forming machine that blow model to an Egypt, produce the vegetable that pack with Wu Sheng 1 adipose.

The PET bottle of 5 litres broad requirements. To obtain more charming the container with more function, this one equipment is changeover of one footwork technology 2 footwork technology. Its are this machine as a result horary producible 1200 weight are 59 grams, 83 millimeter wide wide mouth container, the isotherm in backfill of in order to is spent (about 50 ℃ , in order to reduce a plant adipose viscosity) the plant is adipose. This one development also needs to shaping beforehand base and container undertake optimizing, decide its appearance and ply distributing, with assuring to heat the weight of the container in level distributings correct. This also makes container can be used install at hot fill, cooling below room temperature product also won't appear any flaw. Have the aid of grows at relevant market sales volume (this is before market of numerous ventriloquial art is primary nonexistent) , manufacturer already began investment to produce bottle semifinished product. Actually, in one footwork technology, the production of bottle base and blow bottle to undertake at the same time, do not include to change the possibility of bottle base. Change a 2 footwork to produce craft offspring however, can an initiative phase builds the prefabricated component of standardization, the ability that follow after begins what Wu Li thinks the mould is medium to boast bottle level. Use 2 footwork technology, can design new bottle semifinished product more easily according to specific requirement, and container can use different pattern to blow make, and need not change pattern of prefab bottle embryo. All results that these increase function newly to bring increased manufacturing rate and flexibility, reduce investment, in order to get used to the market of constant change. CNC Milling