Have international the development of high-grade bearing steel of advanced level is successful

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The steel of 55SiMoV high-grade bearing that special steelworks and combination of limited company of product of bearing of tile-roofed house inn develop Lai steel group scored a success recently, index of each main technique achieves international advanced level, this is indicating our country is special steel product structural adjustment gains new headway. It is reported, the price of every tons of product is in steel of 55SiMoV high-grade bearing 10 thousand yuan of above, have high temper by dipping in water to show tenacity of gender, excel in, tall fatigue life, the advantage such as high temperature resistant, impulse withstand, wear-resisting, having wide market perspective. In producing a course, special steelworks strengthens Lai steel to craft is superintended and be controlled, carry out technology of electric stove TPC, fine NCC technology and personal details of whole process temperature to control a technology, executive fine and vacuum take off angry standardization operation, use electromagnetism agitate in the working procedure that connect casting, steel rolling process adopts water to wait for technical measure except scale, the research and development that assured a product is successful. Lai steel is special steelworks expresses, what the development of this one product succeeded to push product of enterprise spy steel quickly is straight sell a process, will enhance an enterprise to control the ability of the market. Current, lai steel is special steel system already was formed from market technology survey, research development of trial-produce of development, production, market, after service reachs user application the product of unifinication of research of lifecycle of technical research, product develops chain, will return the new product that will develop a batch of high additional costs, market to value in succession henceforth. CNC Milling