Use at cutting deep milling and the F4047/F4048 of Xtra.tec face milling cutter that do not stabilize treatment greatly

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As Xtra.

The huge success of milling cutter of Tec F4033 face, waerte continued to roll out F4047 of two new face milling cutter and F4048, widened further the size range of pipe bent of range of products. Milling cutter of this kind of face is cutting deep cutting neutral greatly can admirable. The tool cutting edge angle of F4047 is 75 ° , the tool cutting edge angle of F4048 is 88 ° (F4033 is 45 ° ) . Tool cutting edge angle is bigger, what can achieve is the biggest cut also jump over greatly big, f4047 can achieve those who make an appointment with 8mm to cut deep, and F4048 can achieve those who make an appointment with 11mm to cut deep (of F4033 cut deeply 6mm) . In addition, another advantage of big tool cutting edge angle is major cutting force meeting deviate axial, make axial cutting force is reduced apparently (use F4047 can be reduced 70% , use F4048 can reduce 90 % above) , can eliminate workpiece to be out of shape thereby the danger with flutter, raise technology reliability. This is particularly important when workpiece of cutting thin wall. As a result of these characteristics, these two kinds of cutting tool are special recommend use at needing to reduce the process with working procedure amount or treatment bad condition. F4047 and F4048 design are close tine cutting tool, they suit cutting particularly cast-iron material. As similar as F4033, the 8 cutting blade that new-style face milling cutter installed tall sex price to compare but dislocation razor blade. The characteristic of this kind of razor blade is to have big before horny cutting blade, because this can realize light cutting. The effect of another kind of managing cost can come true through using series of systematic razor blade, the razor blade of radius of same circle horn can be used at different tool cutting edge angle (45 ° , 75 ° and 88 ° ) milling cutter. To special finish machining working procedure, waerteke offers the finish machining bit that suits. All but dislocation razor blade can use Tiger.

WAK15 of Tec cutting brand, WKP25 and WKP35, the cast-iron stuff that WKP brand fits to be used at treatment to have similar steel character particularly (be like nodular cast iron) . Now, the material of WKK of tiger razor blade that covers with tiles Er developed new PVD coating especially is qualitative, but twice improves treatment efficiency. Use WKK25, can undertake stabilizing machining below the circumstance in hard surface layer of undesirable operating mode and existence. This razor blade has outstanding tenacity and wearability, used PVD-AlOx coating, when treatment, can prevent blade of cutting blade collapse and generation hot crack effectively, fight it is good to press a gender, can prevent plasticity to be out of shape. CNC Milling