UG NX considers to apply in the CNC Machining of centrifugal impeller flow path

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According to aviation engine the blueprint paper of centrifugal impeller and design are counted according to, in UG NX software compose builds three-dimensional and hypostatic model, applied UG alterable axis machines the clipper-built treatment contrail of flow path of methodological work out, the order of spare parts numerical control of HERMEL machine tool receives after classics UG postposition is handled, achieve design requirement through examining after treatment, the treatment quality of the spare parts got very big improvement. 1, introductive UG NX is advanced CAD/CAM software, in CAD and the effect with in making, be being developed main. Aviation engine serves as the heart of the plane, centrifugal impeller is one of core component of aviation engine, its treatment quality affects the power volume of engine directly. Impeller cent sheds impeller for centrifugal impeller, axis. The blade profile of axial shedding impeller is formed for free curved surface commonly, and the blade profile of centrifugal impeller is straight grain face commonly. In the meantime, composition of lamina of only group of centrifugal impeller branch and big small lamina form two sort model. The treatment difficulty of the centrifugal vane wheel that has size blade is greater. Most reader classics regular meeting encounters same question, when encountering real problem every time, always hope through consulting records data can find a few practical articles, learn somewhat from which, inspire somewhat, but, do not know what reason, in the paper that publishs on all sorts of magazines, most article is talk in generalities only, the dot arrives till, with UG NX software groom the distinction with the too great never mind of appraise of explain of the place in teaching material, after be being read, still cannot acquire thing of a few practicable, more insoluble real problem. The article applies specific introduction UG NX software to assist a tool, the model that compose builds centrifugal impeller, impeller sheds clipper-built knife of orbit generate, the whole process of the CNC Machining order that the machine tool receives after classics postposition is handled, the treatment experience of hope individual can get wider application and better progress, make oneself a bit effort for the progress of our CNC Machining technology, also hope more person of the same trades can publish more and practical article at the same time. 2, face of straight lines of model of impeller curved surface is centrifugal impeller becomes blade curved surface by a series of linear groups, of straight grain face linear by impeller annulus build and annulus corresponding dot is generated on . The coordinate dot of blade is text format, following: 30.

298 87.

966 -53.

14 29.

943 89.

525 -53.

432 29.

63 90.

868 -53.

66 29.

311 92.

193 -53.




Above all, the design of centrifugal impeller data text guides in UG NX, make a point, according to designing blueprint to make at the same time hub is mixed the sectional line of round of lid. Graph data of 1 blade profile is nodded next round the corresponding dot on lid and hub face is connected point-blank, will form curved surface point-blank, unit process of cargo bandling is: Insert -- FreeFormFeature -- Through Curves. hub sectional line uses rotate shape make hub range unit process of cargo bandling is: Insert -- FormFeature -- Revolve pursues 2 impeller model 3, the alterable axis of the work out UG NX of numerical control program is machined (VARIABLE CONTOUR) geometrical element includes spare parts face, examination face and drive range. Face of the spare parts in the treatment of centrifugal impeller flow path is hub face, examination face is blade curved surface, drive face assists a face for flow path. Appear in three-dimensional visible software previously, the CNC Machining contrail of flow path is discontinuous knife orbit, and the precision of treatment is very low, outline spends the requirement that short of designs. And after centrifugal impeller flow path realizes clipper-built treatment, the streamline treatment of flow path accords with course of air current flow, make the treatment quality of the spare parts got better assurance thereby, function has better improvement. The clipper-built treatment knife to realize flow path orbit, cannot make drive range with whole hub face, and the drive range that needs to assist curved surface to do flow path to machine (see a picture 3) . Graph the reseau line Nextpage 3 of 3 drive face.

Of 1 drive face generate curved surface of will big small lamina to slant toward flow path a side respectively buy, slant the radius R that buy distance is milling cutter, insert -- Feature Operation -- Offset Face, get slanting next of buy curved surface and hub face cross a line, and in flow path go up what end asks to make a flow path is medium branch line, the curved surface of drive of two half part that uses these a few curves and boundary boundary line to be able to make flow path respectively (see a picture 3 in the two curved surface of blue and yellow) . 3.

2 knives of orbit after generating everything to prepare the job to finish, can weave knife orbit. The treatment range that certain good part needs here, interference examination face, drive face (vector of axis of Drive Method) cutting tool (the umbriferous vector of Tool Axis) and drive face. The vector that the crucial point here depends on deciding cutting tool axis namely of cutting tool swing vector. The treatment face of the spare parts chooses whole hub side, interference checks a face to choose the blade curved surface all round flow path, the auxiliary curved surface that the pace on drive face choice makes. The vector of cutting tool axis chooses interpolation way (Interpolate) , when cutting tool axis (after Tool Axis) chooses interpolation way, in drive face all round appear vector of two cutter shaft (4) seeing a picture. Generate a knife if orbit hind appears cutting tool and interference of blade curved surface, can click vector of interpolation of cutting tool axis, choice cutting tool interferes the cutter shaft vector of area, this vector becomes blue, click an editor (Edit) , through adjusting a knife vector will avert interference, the knife that generates finally if orbit pursues 5. Graph interface of treatment of 4 alterable axes pursues vectorgraph of interpolation of 5 cutter shaft contrail of 6 clipper-built cutting tool 3.

The postposition of software of UG NX of application of 3 postposition processing handles compose to build tool Post Builder to build the postposition of Hermel machine tool to handle, be as follows via handling the block format after: %L01 G71 * N1 G00 X+0.




323M126 * N2 S3000 M03 * N2 G00 Z+61.

383M08 * N4 G01 Z+11.

385F2000 * N5 X+5.





323F500 * N6 X+4.





366 * .



N6743 X+9.





501 * N6744 X+9.



825A+0 C-5.

The occurrence of 501 * N6745 G00 Z+200 * N6746 M09 * N6747 M05 * N999999 %L01 G71 * 4, conclusion as UG NX, the clipper-built treatment contrail of the centrifugal impeller flow path that has size blade becomes a possibility. Although still do not have automatic impeller flow path to machine a method in UG NX, but propose the way such as auxiliary curved surface through compose, can weave the numerical control program of complex part. Provided vast imaginary space to be good at reflection project technology personnel at the same time. CNC Milling