PRECITRAME intelligence is changed flexible MTR 410 of modular machine tool

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Circumgyrate type modular machine tool, have clamp the design of 5 milling, turning. What the Chang Zhuo of dispute of modular machine tool of MTR 400 numerical control that comes from company of aircraft of Precitrame Switzerland essence jumps over is muti_function modular machine tool, started new treatment field. MTR 400 is on the characteristic foundation of high accuracy of modular machine tool of conventional numerical control, undertook an innovation, those who make its had traditional modular machine tool to fail to have is flexible feature. Circumgyrate type modular machine tool, have clamp the design of 5 milling, turning. The intelligence that contains circumgyrate workbench is changed flexible the Gao Rou sex that MTR 410MTR 410 of modular machine tool has traditional modular machine tool to be not had, it has distinctive car, mill, auger and the compound treatment function such as bore with a reamer, a series of complex high accuracy such as the turning that can complete work through holding card and milling machine the task; Use module type structure can expand the machine tool devises an idea, according to diverse demand, equipment industry digit but from 4 labour patulous to 15 labour. And the machine tool deserves to have workbench of numerical control circumgyrate, the system of innovation type tray that Swiss essence machine uses can control fixed position precision in 0.

Inside 004mm limits, every are versed in of a mechanical outfit card but repeatability and tigidity exceed far other the workbench that is the same as a type. Characteristic of Gao Rou sex is reflected not only in multitask respect, still reflect in the product change ceaselessly model in, every labour flexibility is taller, facilitate change at any time model. More important is, MTR 410 came true to install card to be able to complete the full treatment of workpiece, what equipment matchs is standard class, all labour reach fluctuation makings to be versed in all deploy standard module, equipment need not hold calorie of work 2 times in machining a process, this assured the consistency of workpiece precision to the greastest extent, and the blame that will carry the generation in the process between each machine tools so handling time falls lowest. Main shaft is versed in (C axis) the turning treatment that carries out circle of all inside and outside through 4 axes interpolation and 5 milling of the face are machined. Every standard unit can deserve to have 1 ~ main shaft of 4 perpendicular high speed or 1 ~ main shaft of 3 levels high speed. This main shaft can be deployed or do not provide the fast system that change a knife, those who be used at knife handle ISO 10 or HSK32 is fast change. The cooling means of electric machinery of electric main shaft is compositive type water-cooling. Electric main shaft is controlled by 4 frequency dynamo, rotate speed is OK process designing set. Company of Swiss essence aircraft offers power to be limits of 3kW, rotate speed the electric main shaft of 2500 ~ 40000r/min. Still having an advantage is the control to machining metre, the shortest pitch time is 2 ~ 3s about, treatment metre differs according to the complex degree of the operation and change. Differ according to machining plan, every labour can match on 2 ~ 3 knives, actual it is product line of a diminutive, can differ according to the complex degree of the operation and metre of further contractible treatment. Although equipment has so powerful function, but operation, adjust and safeguard very convenient, it is OK to operate and maintain staff very fast use and master equipment, this is helped greatly and alleviated the influence that the user requirement to operating personnel and personnel element are machined to the product and equipment maintains. Reflected intelligence to change the concept that changes with human nature truly. The CNC Machining unit of the UV 151-3 of Swiss essence machine can deploy electric main shaft, attack whorl tool and turning knife handle, use at carrying out all milling, bore, attack whorl, turning and thread machining. Strengthen solder lathe bed of type armor plate, take the whole sealing outer garment of 6 slip doors, convenient operation, enhanced the security of the machine tool. Treatment doing type discharges bit machine with vacuum, or wet conveyer belt orgnaization is used to will cut bits to be taken from inside equipment when treatment, can coordinate the central cooling system that discharge bits. Gao Rou sex, outfit card completes full treatment. CNC Milling