All directions is electric V560 transducer receives the application in coiling in tension of warp sizing machine

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One, the main craft purpose of foreword   warp sizing machine is to give yarn size, the system basically is mixed by drawing receive a two parts to form. Of traditional warp sizing machine close coiling is by advocate electric machinery drives pneumatic machinery to not have extremely governor, the tension in receiving lick Cheng needs to adjust artificially, at the same time pneumatic machinery is not had extremely governor wears away extremely easily, cause receive a tension to be not stabilized, affect the crop of follow-up weaving and quality badly. As the promotion of frequency control technology, frequency conversion control got applied extensively with each passing day in transmission and tensional control domain. frequency conversion control introduces report of warp sizing machine to control a system, what can make sure the system accepts a pulling force is constant, increase systematic stability effectively, promote a product crop and quality. The article plans to combine transducer of all directions V560, the introduction receives the constant tension that coil one kind to control a system in the light of warp sizing machine, in assure to receive a technology while the simple and easy sex of the dependability that can improve facility significantly and operation. 2, of craft introduction warp sizing machine receive a technology: 1.

Be in whole the pulling force that in receiving lick Cheng, must keep constant, and need not adjust artificially; 2.

When empty Pan Qi is moved cannot pulling force is too large, because tension passes,prevent yarn big and rupture, when plateful moves cannot pulling force is too small, because too small and tension is curly,prevent yarn; 3.

The system answers delicacy, add, the change that systematic tension can reach according to drawing part speed in decelerate process adjusts quickly, make sure pulling force is steady; 4.

The requirement wants systematic place tension to quantify and adjust convenient. Can ask to come according to the craft of different yarn size namely size of fast set tension. Be aimed at a few requirement of above, use V560 transducer to carry tension to expand card designed the control system that be as follows. 3, following graphs show systematic plan 1 times, accept the constant tension control that coil, the open loop torsion that uses tensional card namely controls mode, below this mode need not tension feedbacks, construction of system is simple, can gain smooth pulling force. Its are specific the principle is: The pulling force that accepts the system a place to need according to craft and sky, plateful coils diameter setting gets stuck to tension, tension blocks a basis to run linear velocity, computation goes out to coil currently diameter, the torsion that gets closing coiling needing then gives transducer his, undertake by transducer torsion is controlled again. In receiving lick Cheng, the system can be calculated automatically in real time a current path, what accept a pulling force in order to assure is constant. What at the same time the setting of systematic tension taper can make stuff better is curly shape. Following graphs show systematic principle block diagram, hookup and block diagram of principle of system of control principle specification 2 times: Graph following graphs show hookup of 2   system 3 times: Graph 3   receive a transducer to use pattern of closed circuit vector, give pulling force through imitate potentiometer (the imitate input that receives a transducer carries AI1) , linear velocity enters the AI2 that receives a transducer by the termination of AO1 imitate output of drawing transducer (4 ~ 20mA) . The system moves in, the parameter such as the linear velocity with current foundation, running frequency, tension and tensional taper installs automatic computation to coil diameter adjusts in real time output torsion, those who assure tension of the yarn in receiving lick Cheng is constant. Receive a transducer main parameter sets a table 4, the tension of constant of warp sizing machine that the article introduced to be based on vector of all directions V560 transducer one kind receives the last word a control system, this plan can make pulling force of the yarn in receiving lick Cheng very steady, and can speed of drawing of the class before the basis and the change of the tension in receiving lick Cheng adjust automatically quickly, whole system moving stability is reliable, promoted a product effectively crop and quality, created good economic benefits for the enterprise. At present successful already application accepts a system at many warp sizing machine in. CNC Milling