Laser v, print, the innovation of spray

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Current market is growing ceaselessly to the notional design of new machine. Even if the has core technology manufacturer of other sphere, also seek new development pattern ceaselessly in this domain, explore brand-new possibility. Aboge (Arburg) in Dusaierduofu K is exhibited on rolled out " Freeformer " , stepped historic the first pace. Aboge is the plastic treatment with one extraction banner bound manufacturer of the aircraft that note model. Its core technology is new plastic shape without the model technology (AKF) laid good foundation. Principle: Note model with convention same, want fused standard plastic grain. The advantage of this technology is to be able to let plastic machine together with additive much batch better, processing means compares plastic → bundle up or planography 3D pressworks should a lot of simpler. Without the mould plastic figuration includes discharge unit inside, aboge always is exploring the new field that researchs scientificly ceaselessly. Its nozzle can produce the smallest plastic droplet, will replace the in the infuse inside the mould data when noting model. Deserve to have support of a component in fixed nozzle lower part, can have 3 axes or 5 axes shift, ensure formation material layer is the most careful. Can manufacture a function that has high flexibility from this. Freeformer still can form the bottom breach that does not have the structure that prop up. According to the specification of manufacturer, dirt is not had completely in the whole process of this equipment and 0 discharge, noise is very little also. It does not need any pneumatic device, cooling water or exhaust. So it can be used in any environments, need an electrical outlet only can. Its over all dimension can cross a gate easily. Want you to be willing only, you can push it from manufacturing workshop even the lab is pushed again. Of Aboge " Plug and Play " character is the join function that points to Freeformer not just. Cost of requires Training Within Industry also is low-down. Freeformer replaces the 3D-CAD data that produces a part with the file form of STL format, read from component data directly take control news, and compile data automatically. Operate personnel need not special process designing knowledge. Besides standard norms, freeformer can is opposite through patulous configuration two kinds of material or color undertakes combined-type is machined, can be in order to sum set prescription mood in a program soft scleroma of manufacturing movable type combines a part. Can manufacture a lot of functions through Freeformer the component of each different. This burgeoning product that comes from Hei Senlin is to be small lot production, sample and notional model to the concept studies and perhaps be developed. The external dimension of equipment is 1240 × 1884 millimeter of 800 × (long × wide × is tall) . The dimension of the biggest component in 3 axes shift is 230 × 250 millimeter of 135 × . Manufacturing treatment closes 2 be one Sauer Lasertec is machine of essence of heart horse Ji Sen (DMG Mori) a branch of the group, devote oneself to to will produce treatment and finishing treatment to close 2 for one. "LASERTEC 65 adds capable person workmanship " solution of this one compound treatment, laser coating and milling perfect union is in a 5 axes of complete Deckel Maho on milling machine. Laser v head is installed in HSK knife handle. This craft passes figuration of means of metallic powder spray, this is compared in powdery bed figuration rate is top but 20 times faster. Principle: Metallic powder is chased layer v is on base material, and be together with base material fusion. The process is here medium, metallic powder becomes the high strenth welding flux that is united in wedlock with matrix surface. After refrigeration, form the metallic layer that can undertake machining. Machine of this kind of complex formula is designed in the light of large part. Large part needs to undertake cutting in finish machining process, this often can raise cost substantially. And compound solution more economy. Divide this beyond, in milling and laser operation full automatic changeover offerred a lot of new use options and geometrical appearance alternative. Freeformer and Lasertec65 union of the workmanship that add capable person is used, below the case that can not supporting geometrical figure, make accurate part. Through be in two kinds of mode of operation crossing-over, the part that because the reason of geometrical appearance cannot be machined finally,can check, machine this place final precision first. The suitable scope of this kind of new technology includes model, small lot, large part and the complex part complete set that take undercut to machine. Also can use at mould and mechanical repair treatment, return domain of layer of applicable Yu Tu additionally. Be made in mould and machinery for instance or what place of medical apparatus and instruments needs is technical wear-resisting coating, also can use LASERTEC 65 to add capable person workmanship. Divide this beyond, the Sauer design on equipment dimension is very compact also. Equipment covers an area of area add up to only 7.

5 square metre. Have large treatment area, can machine bottom area 650 × 650mm, the workpiece of high 360mm and 1000kg of the greatest weight. Predict to begin to accept first ordering goods from Summer 2014. The Injection Mold Tooling that print when Aboge and Demajisen machine of essence of life pays close attention to compositive treatment when innovation, stratasys solves traditional problem centrally all the time. Stratasys company is located in the United States and Israel, its crackajack Object-3D Printing technology makes its become the company of 3D Printing bibcock with lead whole world. Before batch is produced, can the component that the basis prints, have a test to structural function sex and aptness. Object-Connex series printer can make complete set Injection Mold Tooling even. The person that its are used, for instance Robert Seuffer company, the model of spare parts of the more than Die Casting that print, and the model that still prints Injection Mold Tooling. To the enterprise, economic time is managing cost. Research and development of company of Seuffer of no less than is in charge of Andreas Buchholz place to say: "System of use Stratasys 3D Printing, we print Injection Mold Tooling to need only a few days short, model of the component that print is less than 24 hours. Produce a metal to note model tool to need 8 weeks of time with conventional technology before, and the expenditure of conventional technology is in normally 40, 000 euro are controlled, and the tool expenditure of 3D Printing is less than 1000 euro. And the tool expenditure of 3D Printing is less than 1000 euro.. CNC Milling