PLC applies mediumly in forming machine of tire model electric spark

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The 1 foreword flying development as auto industry, people is higher and higher to the each performance demand of tire, this promoted tire moulding to make technical progress greatly. Figure of face of past tire mould is simple, and tire mould surface has a lot of figure now identical or not same unit the decorative pattern that protruding piece arranges by definite pattern, the decorative pattern precision that goes up as a result of tire mould and quality will affect the quality of tire and performance directly, because this is in on electric spark forming machine when treatment tire mould, have regular figure to make these permutation, must undertake accurate graduation to the mould. 2 craft ask forming machine of electric spark of this tire model can produce tire model internal diameter to be 500mm ~ 1200mm, number of divide into equal parts is 2 ~ all sorts of tire models of 500 decorative pattern, workbench circumgyrate precision is less than 0.

017 ° . The mode in be opposite (adjust mould the centre of a circle and coincide of workbench the centre of a circle) when, workbench slewing speed is 0 ~ 0.

5rpm; is moved in the hand when adjusting pattern, workbench slewing speed is 0 ~ 0.

When 5rpm; is machining mode automatically, workbench slewing speed is 0 ~ 0.

25rpm. All job parameter all can be adjusted from inside man-machine operation interface and set. Configuration of system of 3 automatic graduation, hardware and soft hardware are designed 3.

System of 1 automatic graduation falls in the premise that assures to achieve a test to ask, as far as possible alternative price is compared tall, run the program with reliable, short development cycle. After integrated consideration, use feeling screen to regard as go up a machine, PLC devises plan as what leave an opportunity. Use RS-232 to string together buccal communication to finish data to transmit. Does systematic block diagram show: 1 times like the graph? ッ  Lao kisses LC of Zuo of  Pa Chang to apply, it is different from the equipment of the PLC of a few simple control of a few simple appearance type or other, its function is powerful, use convenient, interference rejection capability is strong, fit the requirement of the workload with modern gianter and gianter industry and function very much, it makes one of equipment with modern essential industry increasingly. Issue a machine to be able to make up Cheng controller to have patulous and convenient, control ability of simple, interference rejection strong, price is low wait for advantage;PLC to regard a control of the machine graduation that finish, treatment as the function such as control and the data that collect coder feedback. 3.

The hardware configuration of 2 control system asks according to function, set out from economic angle, choose main parts of an apparatus: (1) feels screen to use the MT508S of EASYVIEW. Interface of this series man-machine besides the function that has general man-machine interface, still provided a lot of peculiar functions: A) is OK at the same time open plays a window 6 times. B) can be had and same task column mixes Windows95/98 to choose the window quickly. C) uses powerful 32 RISC processor (the StrongARM) of Intel, make MT508 has rapidder processing rate. (2) rotates coder uses precision of Japanese NEMICON company to be 5400P/R product, it gives PLC the positional signal feedback of workbench, after undertaking data processing by PLC again, control pace takes electric machinery action, achieve the goal that dominates workbench niche accurately thereby. (3) PLC is used always the FBE-20MC of the FB series of grand company. Use this series PLC to basically have two reasons: A) the tally of hardware high speed that employs hardware circuit to form (HHSC) , 20kHz of highest computation frequency, and it is 32 high speed tally. The tally of B)PLC leads circuit of 4 times frequency oneself, undertake 4 fractionize to coder signal, raise systematic precision. Use tally of high speed of a group of hardware to have count to the feedback pulse of coder. The tally of high speed of every groups of hardware of FB-PLC has mode of 8 kinds of computation to be able to offer an alternative, we chose MD7, input signal to be two namely phasic differ the pulse signal of 90 ° , the ascendant edge to two signal and drop the edge parts computation, such high speed tally with respect to computation 4 pulse, if pursue,2 are shown. The precision of the signal that original coder feedbacks is 5400=0 of 360 ° ÷ .

067 ° , requirement of this apparent short of, but after the fractionize of circuit of 4 times frequency that undertakes n changeover and PLC through succeed circuit, make below the prerequisite that does not add any hardware the resolution of coder raises 360 ° ÷ 5400 ÷ 4=0.

017 ° . In graduation control system, the target pulse number that the pulse number that we feedback coder and PLC computation give undertakes comparative, if feedback to the value is less than or be more than target cost, explain workbench has not reached target place, if two values are equal, explain workbench already obtained target position. Realize the closed-loop control of workbench position with this kind of method. (4) FBE-20MC is the core parts of an apparatus that controls a system, its input output signal to if the graph shows 3 times,allocate: 3.

3Flow chart of program of PLC of PLC program flow chart shows 4 times like the graph: Although rationality of 4 control system and appearance of treatment of electric spark of loose tool of dependability design epicycle are measured charge object amount not much, rigid structure is not complex also, but workbench volume is large, moment of inertia is big, the interference when electric spark is machined is very big. Should let it can the control task that high accuracy, Gao Ke relies on sexual ground to be over, go to the lavatory to can give operation personnel to bring at the same time, we made following considerations: (The reasonable design machinery of 1) mechanical part is the target be accusinged that controls a system partly, it is decision control system whether the premise of reliable job. We were used have appropriate be filled with structure of assorted drive of worm wheel worm too, for workbench tall circumgyrate precision is mixed offerred a condition from the lock. (The design that the screen of man-machine interface feeling with good 2) constitutes man-machine interface to give a person to dominate a picture each with relaxed, marked feeling; from the respect such as statement of picture, clew, colour is control a function to be a principle centrally with each, the operation shows all sorts of set parameter and system to run state on screen of handy; feeling, operation personnel is comprehensible systematic work state, the operation is convenient also. (The interference rejection measure of 3) system the controller of this graduation system is the PLC that chooses high reliability and sensor, the dependability; that assured a system from equipment controls ark to be kept apart completely on circuit each, circuit of the imitate inside each control ark and digital circuit also took detached screen step, especially the electromagnetism interference; that facilities of electric spark treatment gives out controls ark to also have each good ventilated and medicinal powder hot measure. The graduation system of the appearance of treatment of tire model electric spark that article place narrates 5 last words has applied in many equipment since August 2002, deploy the electric spark that has this graduation system to machine appearance, mix during travel trying luck when regular job, no matter mould size, weight, graduation system can control workbench accurate graduation, user reaction effect is very ideal, had brought very big economic benefits. CNC Milling