But the configuration with commonly used body of dislocation milling cutter

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Structural diagram explains petiole is awl handle (Mohs awl handle and 7: 24 awl handle) , establish milling cutter of milling cutter knead dough with what be less than at the diameter or be equal to Ø80mm. Petiole is made the same score to cut model straight handle, be used at small norms establish milling cutter. With a bolt, secure milling cutter the structure on arbor of the drive that carry key through the aperture inside milling cutter, a type that applies to the face milling cutter that the diameter is less than or is equal to Ø160mm and Ø63mm~Ø125mm diameter establish milling cutter. Reach with the aperture inside milling cutter 7: Arbor of 24 awl handle locates, apply to the face milling cutter of diametical Ø160mm~Ø500mm and 3 blade milling cutter. Stop with cutter hub mouth and end panel of machine tool main shaft close fixed position suitably, commonly used the face milling cutter that be more than at the diameter or is equal to Ø250mm and 3 blade milling cutter, stop buccal diameter is Ø128.

57mm or Ø221.

44mm. CNC Milling