The optimal spouse of large, heavy-duty machine tool

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Italian UMBRA group basically is engaged in the design of product of ball guide screw and production, apply to at present the most popular machine tool. Group of profit from UMBRA is in the design with the aerospace domain, machinery that fold a turn, v machinery and rich side of the plane that note model makes experience, the application in domain of large, heavy-duty machine tool brought the product that UMBRA place makes advantaged advantage. To these domains, ball guide screw needs to have big load, high rate at the same time, and the tall stability of function. UMBRA group is capable to provide main shaft of the high-powered ball guide screw with comprehensive standards, report and much axis milling head, suit the use of of all kinds machine tool. UMBRA group thinks to apply at the ball guide screw of bed of large scale computer, have transmission configuration to be safeguarded simply, less, precision of facilitating installation, drive is tall and price cost is relative lower advantage. It is especially in more and more long distance drive, large ball guide screw can finish the job more efficiently. Distinguish at traditional idea, a few large machine tools also can have the demand of high rate now, to this, UMBRA can offer a kind of guide screw that is called to mix a technology. The ball of this kind of guide screw arranges a form to be steel ball and diameter of the ball that compare steel slightly ball of small pottery and porcelain mixes permutation form, because this kind arranged a form to change a tradition,the sliding friction between the ball when pure steel ball is arranged and ball is negligible not plan rolling friction, move in high speed so when, its temperature rise is less than traditional ball to arrange formal guide screw far, what raised guide screw greatly is rated and dynamic carry on one's shoulder. Make as a result of the change of attrition form at the same time of guide screw tighten force to also can maintain for long beforehand, chafe between ball of course the guide screw of the form that optimizes the life that also can make mix a guide screw to be more than traditional ball to arrange a form far, such making that compare with photograph of form of other and steep drive originally opposite less safeguard the job to become fewer. Profit from comes for years the design of guide screw of large, burden makes experience, with the understanding to craft of equipment of high-powered milling machine, grinder and special heat treatment and equipment, the product of ball guide screw with the big high-powered norms that makes UMBRA can offer market place to need, even the journey is more than 10? The product of ball guide screw of M, UMBRA can ensure its are tall tigidity and high accuracy and without axial windage. At the same time system of transmission of ball guide screw the drive form to other long distance, have precision of facilitating installation, drive tall and the advantage with technical maturity and price relatively inferior cost. The transmission function part that UMBRA thinks ball guide screw serves as large, medium-sized machine tool is very competitive still. Be aimed at at present client more and more service requirements, UMBRA group also passes the total representative that is in China Weisiteya (Beijing) limited company of science and technology will perfect. The Technical Division of UMBRA and the technology that branch of research and development can give an user to offer strong design type selecting and guide screw to use a method support. And if the user needs, UMBRA can provide the graph data that more comprehensive technology parameter and experiment reach, be like: Move load (and pressure of the biggest contact is worth) , value of dead load, hardness, critical rotate speed (filar lever or nut) , error of the largest pulling force of guide screw axis, lead and how processing, lubricant situation and guide screw life. CNC Milling