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Mr Stuart Keeler of company of Keeler science and technology shapes because of discovering ultimate graph, developed annular grille to analyse (Circle Grid Analysis) analyse a tool with etc punch workshop and be famous in the world. He worked 24 years in company of American nation iron and steel, worked 12 years in center of Budd company technology, in piece the metal shapes field experience is very rich. Come to define the problem that appears in processing, creation with data measureable ultimate goal and the date from process that lead to a solution are very important. The means of settlement that place of problem of a when you encounter before New Year in how similar punch uses, probable now it doesn't matter was used, perhaps say not very is reliable. Below in this article, we will lift a real case to explain: How is using data or experience to solve a problem run respectively. The punch process before with a mould the company is about to complete final mould on probation is exemple. Rolled steel supplier can detect punch effect, because it is rolled steel material whether the critical factor of contented treatment demand. Detect after finishing, the supplier can send two steel to coil material example, tag for A and B, homogeneous phase of model, grade, price is the same as, but used different treatment technology. Mould personnel must coil with these two steel treatment, pass on treatment report rolled steel supplier: The which punch result that coil is stronger pliable but strong. If do not have the data that punch reachs, we can discover probably: These two steel coil showed same result -- without damaged. In notice these two steel coil before differring, rely on person eye to may want to undertake punch thousands of times only, but, if apply outstanding " the worry is terminative " technology, in manufacturing condition stable circumstance falls, punch can obtain enough information data. And effect of first time punch is evaluated after suppress begins, not be manufacturing environment of the standard. Check study is here medium, we can electroanalysis erode annular grille, make connect with steel surface. From inside the graph we see: From arc line (more like annulus of a deformed) begin, long axis was represented the biggest suffer tensile force, also call main tensile force. And that course punch is the most important the arc line of area, measure value of each main drawing, these tensile force all formed antagonism force locally in each interior punch. On chart, these values (no matter be steel coils,A is returned is B) , reveal with the form of solid line. Knew the property that these two steel coil, with respect to the curve of the biggest limitation that can know they are respective. Shape from two on the graph limitative curve looks, be in a metal is local and likely on the dangerous and critical point that disconnect or tears off, one can allow tensile force most. In punch process, from shape restrict a curve can subtract on look tensile force main tensile force, can reach safe balance. If fruit is actual tensile force is larger than can allowing tensile force, safe balance is negative number, coil in steel for instance there is one place in B graph is such, so clearly is folded with respect to meeting occurrence turn or damaged. When these problems connect regular meeting to produced variable increase real main tensile force in the quantity, appear. Difference of bigger negative number safety means higher punch percentage, bring about a turn easily to fold or damaged. The drawing percentage of 10% is higher perhaps rate, can bring more quantities to produce changeability. Graph of result of this piece of test can help an user decide choose steel to coil A or B. When the reader sees these data, can you choose which? Is A still B? Those who make a person strange is, the user of about the same half can choose steel coil A, remain choose B. They make such choice, it is to build the experience that solved problems of all sorts of rolled steel punch in the past on this foundation. The account that every user chooses has very much it seems that very logic, reasonable. Every user emphasized them choosing the reasonable cause of that rolled steel, ground that does not choose another. The individual experience that these opposite opinion predestined relationships differ oneself. Choice steel coils the user of A thinks: "The steel that we choose coils, real tensile force is far under permission the largest tensile force, the least safe difference was achieved 22% . And steel coils B had one place to exceed dangerous and critical point even, the real tensile force that still has one place is reduced suddenly. This is very easy cause hidden trouble. " and steel coils the person embrace wholesale of B thinks: "The steel that we choose coils, a paragraph of smooth drawing is behaved, opposite stabler. And steel coils A has a paragraph of very steep drawing rake. Such drawing rake is very flabby, appear more easily damaged, can bring about punch effect to be not stabilized, affect spring back and dimensional stability. Finally, summarize afore-mentioned different views. If do not appear,rise unexpectedly or drop pull litre of gradient, everybody can think steel coils A is the optimal alternative that the quantity produces. Although the experience with me, appear these metabolic gradient also it doesn't matter is alarming. And normally the circumstance is: Drawing gradient is in arrive be out of shape cake of the form smoke into smother when critical point. Coil in steel the drawing gradient that sees on B, coil than steel the difference that shows on A is gotten much. But this still is not problem place. If conclusion violated the general requirement that the metal shapes, should go back redo checks, perhaps check test result afresh at least. Attention: That abrupt drawing gradient arises by a several foothold only. We need to turn round, the drawing circumstance that examination steel coils on a certain a little bit. Final result how? We discover: Be nodded by that fixed position of doubt, truly accurate main tensile force is 104, but was signed up for by accident however 124. And take this 104 costs, with respect to the flowing and smooth curve that can produce a low-level drawing, won't appear abrupt gradient and bigger safe difference. We decide to use steel to coil finally A quantity is produced. Why does steel coil does B have so large main tensile force? Evaluate us to discover through after the event: Steel coils B surface is tougher, coefficient of friction is taller, steel products of surface of the losing when punch is so less. The place with this the most interesting case is: When knowing those who evaluate is which component even, we can reach this answer. If take that component really, we before experience is too much, can affect the judgement of bisect analyse result instead. Now, general shape the experience that the technology asked to replace an engineer, become people attention and the focus that discuss. This case makes people realizes the impact of data and individual experience further, thereby the action of more trustful data. Announcing and on state issue place, data is the strongest. When arriving to seek appropriate solution, experience makes optimal tool -- did not forget nevertheless: The viewpoint that does not have data is only guess just. CNC Milling