Remelting of thermal spraying laser is compound technology

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Remelting of thermal spraying laser 2 footwork craft 1. 2 footwork craft uses remelting of laser of brief introduction thermal spraying first namely the method such as blaze, electric arc, plasma or explosive spray, in metal of the preparation on base material or coating of pottery and porcelain, use below the condition that using protective atmosphere next stimulate beam of light to undertake scanning fusing handling, if pursue,1 is shown. 2.

Al2O3- of spray of plasma of Q235 steel surface ω (TiO2) modified of surface of laser of coating of 13% pottery and porcelain (2 footwork) plasma spray is in the metal the surface is made take coating of pottery and porcelain to use most method, but it has undermentioned and inherent drawback: Mechanical union is between coating and matrix, anti-impact properties is poor; Coating hole rate is high, anti-corrosive and fight oxidation function to differ; Coating organization is inhomogenous, performance is not steady. To overcome afore-mentioned weakness, introduce laser technology, undertake laser surface modified to layer of spray condition pottery and porcelain, change its to organize feature and photograph structure, improve performance thereby. (1) beforehand coating preparation is mixed according to Q235 steel and physics of material of spray pottery and porcelain the difference of chemical function, if the design expresses a coating of shown type of a flight of stairs, base material undertakes plasma spray after gush sand preparation, spray craft parameter sees a table 2. (2) laser of CO2 of drive of report of constant current of use 2kW of remelting of laser of laser remelting craft, regard protection as gas with nitrogen. When laser remelting, need to choose dimension of appropriate laser power, facula and scanning career in the light of different coating. It is φ 3mm when facula, when scanning speed is 5mm/s, watch 1 in the optimal value power of A group and correspondence of B group coating is 330W and 370W respectively, laser power under optimal value when, layer of pottery and porcelain is fused not complete, send density to differ; And laser power prep above can bring about layer of pottery and porcelain again when optimal value, transfer of layer and ground floor fused. 3.

Alloy of surface of plasma spray laser is changed (2 footwork) the coating material that when expressing matrix of steel of 3 listed AISI6150 to undertake laser surface alloy is changed, chooses. These coating material use plasma spray above all, use next 1.

The CO2 gas laser of 2kW undertakes melt and alloy are changed. After classics processing, obtain the alloy with imperforate, whole structure to change a layer. Express the material of spray of the plasma before alloy of laser of 3 AISI steel is changed CNC Milling