4 freedom spend fluid pressure type manipulator design

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Content summary: The article links the design demand of capture manipulator, undertook an analysis to manipulator technology, the design goes out use fluid pressure type of pilot of hydraulic pressure drive, PLC 4 freedom spend manipulator. Industrial manipulator is movement of hand of apery of a kind of model, replace the hand capture, automation unit that carry work or has operating according to the program of set, contrail and requirement. Its use is very extensive, produce process automation to coming true, improve labor productivity, reduce labor intensity of the worker, the safety that assures a worker has important sense, work to those poisonous, danger, much dust, deep water especially the operation that reachs the harsh environment such as radioactivity and condition to fall, use industry manipulator has distinct advantage more. Current, had been in machining, cast, forging, get comparative wide application in punch product line and certain operation operation. In heat treatment, solder, lacquer and assemble in waiting for production, also begin to develop and apply. The drive means with at present commonly used manipulator has a variety of kind such as hydraulic pressure drive, baric drive and electromotor drive, all sorts of drive means have the characteristic of its oneself, in industrial robot hydraulic pressure presses drive application compatibly very extensive, some robots use a variety of drive means at the same time, this inspects the characteristic of different robot and requirement place to decide. Because hydraulic pressure drive has the following characteristic: Driving force and driving moment are bigger, speed reactivity is better, timing scope is bigger, multi-purpose at requirement muscle the yard with athletic bigger and inferior speed closes. 1.

The manipulator requirement of article design is in integral design program undertake carry and assembling and unassemble between a few mechanical equipment workpiece. It has 4 freedom to spend, of the whirligig of the adjustable motion of the whirligig that is manipulator wrist respectively, mechanical arm, mechanical arm and manipulator arm litre fall motion, coordinate form is columnar coordinate, use hydraulic pressure drive to control fashion, with the carries goods automatically plant in product line. The structural diagram of this design is shown 1 times like the graph, working program is: The manipulator that start, issue signal after workpiece figuration, the arm of manipulator drops to book the position, paw is stretched, clamp rises after workpiece; Next manipulator arm Xiang Xuan turns 180 ° , manipulator wrist Xiang Xuan turns 90 ° , after the arm extends the hand to book the position, machinery drops to appoint the position, paw is loose, put away workpiece; Mechanical finally arm rises to point to to 180 ° rotate reversely after emplacement, manipulator wrist rotates reversely 90 ° , manipulator arm is retractile, return origin position, begin next cycle. Graph diagram of 1 manipulator structure 2.

Mechanical system designs the job requirement that is aimed at this industry manipulator, to make it has certain operation flexibility and better performance characteristics, columnar coordinate department is used on structural design. Design of whole manipulator system is spent freely for 4, include manipulator arm level of fluctuation shift, mechanical arm adjustable, manipulator the arm rotates and manipulator wrist rotates, coupling is not had between these 4 freedom, simplify effectively operation and control. Basically use hydraulic pressure component to come true in this second design, because this is mechanical next shift on the arm and manipulator arm level are adjustable use jar of hydraulic pressure of lever of double action odd piston, and two whirligig pass motor of incurvate line radial to come true, if pursue,2 are shown. Graph clip holds manipulator of 2 manipulator principle to be pointed to by manipulator partly, the composition such as pedestal of lever, lever, wedge piece, bedspring and hydraulic pressure crock, if pursue,3 are shown. When the job, pressure oil enters the left antrum of crock of hydraulic pressure of φ 65mm action from oily Kong Tong, drive piston, wedge piece to move ahead, drive lever to circle bearing pin roll again, make manipulator points to clamp workpiece. When the inverting of electromagnetism reversal valve that dominates action of manipulator hand department, the oily current oil sump tank of left antrum of hydraulic pressure crock, criterion piston, wedge piece falls in the action of bedspring and restoration, mechanical finger is loose below the action of extension spring. Graph structure of 3 paw machinery 1.

Hydraulic pressure crock 2.

Bedspring 3.

Lever 4.

Manipulator points to 5.

Lever pedestal 6.

Wedge piece because the hand ministry of manipulator and wrist ministry are self-prossessed and workpiece weight is greater, when big arm is extended, piston lever can't bear their weight. In the meantime, piston lever itself is very tall to metabolic requirement, consequently benefit consumed bar increases its carrying capacity, those who reduce piston staff be out of shape. For beautiful, also can rise to reduce piston lever to get power at the same time, an outer garment is installed in big arm upper part, itself still can reduce the outside pollution to hydraulic pressure crock. 3.

Control system designs article place to design manipulator to introduce drive of hydraulic pressure system, by PLC control. Hydraulic pressure system is shown 4 times like the graph. Graph system of 4 hydraulic pressure 1.

Electromotor 2.

Pump 3.

Oil absorption filter 4.

Manometric 5, 12.

Overflow a powerful person 6, 13, 25.

One-way a powerful person 7, 15, 17, 23.

Timing a powerful person 8, 16, 18, 24, 26.

Electromagnetism reversal valve 9, 14, 19, 22.

Electro-hydraulic reversal valve 10, 11, 27.

Hydraulic pressure crock 20, 21.

Motor 28.

The filter that answer oil 29.

Gasoline tank uses model to regard control as systematic core for the PLC of FX2N-64MR-001, assume yard scene is manipulator to move work second ground from armour ground, control Panel is shown 5 times like the graph. 5 positions of working way select switch part correspondence works at 5 kinds means, operation face plate is lower 10 pushbutton are the hand uses button. To assure to be in emergency falls (when including PLC to malfunction) the laden power source that can cut off PLC reliably, installed communication contactor KM. Press when PLC begins to move " laden power source " pushbutton, make KM coil electrify is locked up oneself, of KM advocate contact puts through, provide alternating current source to exterior load, use when occurrence emergency " urgent jockey " pushbutton disconnects laden power source. Manipulator movement order is shown 6 times like the graph. Graph 5 Control Panel pursue sketch map of 6 manipulator movement 4.

The manipulator of article design basically uses epilogue between a few mechanical equipment to undertake carry and assembling and unassemble workpiece. It has 4 freedom to spend, of the whirligig of the adjustable motion of the whirligig that is manipulator wrist respectively, mechanical arm, mechanical arm and manipulator arm litre fall motion, coordinate form is columnar coordinate, use hydraulic pressure drive to control fashion. Structure of this kind of manipulator is simple, control is relatively flexible, there is bigger applied perspective on automatic product line. Bibliographical reference: [1] Shi Zhanqun, sun Lixin.

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Group of Shenyang machine tool designs academy author: Chen Hongjun CNC Milling