New technology of revolutionary coating of cutting razor blade

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Seco Tools company rolls out a kind to be called on IMTS 2006 " revolutionary " new technology of coating of cutting razor blade -- DurAtomic. Control a technology according to saying this craft used crystallization, can be in what coating controls on atomic level to generate. DurAtomic coating craft is the brand of cutting razor blade that Seco company holds a tall wearability and Gao Ren sex concurrently for development and of development. Wearability and tenacity are two kinds of quality index that oppose each other, and DurAtomic coating structure can well give attention to two or morethings these two kinds of important performance data, make coating more wear well. Seco company says, through changing the crystal structure of Al2O3 layer with chemical method, make the life of coating and cutting function rise significantly, changed the property that will develop bit shop sign pair henceforth completely to anticipate thereby. The coating that develops with DurAtomic technology applies to all sorts of different base material, the shop sign of general razor blade that gives out new generation can fly on this foundation. Using DurAtomic technology development to give name of the first kind of razor blade is TP2500. Brand of razor blade of this kind of turning has unprecedented tall wearability and tall tenacity, its cutting function and level of cutting tool life exceeded brand of razor blade of series of P of other ISO standard. TP2500 still can optimize stainless steel and cast-iron turning treatment, can effective treatment arrives from K10 the workpiece material of M40. TP2500 coating razor blade shows performance of good tenacity and exceedingly good heat-resisting, wear-resisting in treatment, can reduce the generation of the tumour that accumulate bits. Spot cutting experiment makes clear, this razor blade can make productivity raises one times, cutting tool life raises 4 times. The basic structure of TP2500 brand coating is Al2O3, but its whole tenacity got buildup significantly through DurAtomic craft. Bit used the matrix of gradient function structure, maintained very tall cutting blade tenacity already, won't sacrifice again cutter hub intensity. TP2500 had undertaken cutting experiments exceeding the spot of 80 kinds of above, exterior turning and the thick car that includes to be aimed at all sorts of different workpiece material, fine vehicle are machined. The result makes clear, cutting tool life can raise 18 % ~ 400 % , productivity can raise 55 % ~ 100 % , cutting tool wears away can reduce 40 % ~ 80 % . TP2500 turning brand offers the bit geometry form of whole set, include before horn and blade of cutting of the horn before losing, and scrape blade. Seco company announces on IMTS 2006, since January 1, 2007, company name by " Seco-Carboloy " formal more the name is " Seco Tools Inc.

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