The numerical control of common lathe is transformed reach application

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Summary: Some closer manufacturing industry obtained year of our country machinery very rapid development, what and manufacturing industry makes economy already develop is important most motivation, but because our country mechanical manufacturing industry starts,compare evening, return the difference with very big presence in overall level field and developed country so, the main problem that at present so our country faces wants what undertake to traditional general accuracy machine tool numerical control changes a technology to transform namely, will improve the efficiency that the machine tool manufactures better from this, reason is in the article the numerical control that we basically connect lathe to general is transformed reached application to undertake simple analysis and discuss, in order to offer reference. Keyword: Common lathe; Numerical control is transformed; Apply 0 foreword to confront the science and technology that develops increasingly, our country manufacturing industry also is facing enormous challenge, and the base that numerical control technology expands as manufacturing industry, the development that wants to promote manufacturing industry better must want to improve the development level of numerical control technology and quality, in the development of mechanical manufacturing industry, numerical control machine tool has become a lot of companies must equipment, its have very distinct advantage, manufacture efficiency not only taller, and accuracy is taller also, the manufacturing benefit of final generation also is very considerable. But the care and maintenance that numerical control machine tool also needs to have science regularly, because if maintain,be in in manufacturing process,undeserved word appears easily also problem, if or else pays attention to maintenance and the service life that machine tool device can drop greatly if transforming, it is very necessary that so necessary numerical control machine tool is transformed. 1, numerical control of general accuracy machine tool changes transformed meaning ① to be transformed through the machine tool can greatly managing production cost, shorten the deadline of delivery. Because with purchase new machine tool look to compare, undertake be transforminged scientificly can be savinged to general accuracy machine tool about the charge of 3/4, and also can use original foundation completely to be a foundation. ② transforms the steady performance that can improve machinery greatly through the machine tool, because the pillar of original general accuracy machine tool and lathe bed are heavier and stronger base, and the stability that can increase a machine tool greatly through be being transformed scientificly and dependability, and improve the service life of the machine tool at the same time. ③ passes what have science to general accuracy machine tool to transform, the time that transforms need not only is short, and the requirement that also can satisfy production, because the handlers of the machine tool compares the process capability of familiar machine tool and fabricating characteristics, transforming what short time can pass after finishing to groom so can use the machine tool after transforming, and be being debugged finish the movement that realizes machine tool full load effectively later. 2, numerical control transforms plan to prove 2.

1 technology analyses the machine tool that the manufacturing industry of our country uses, especially metallic cutting machine tool, be being used normally is a few years, its foundation movement won't produce big change normally, but as level of science and technology rise ceaselessly and the development of electronic network technology, traditional machine tool cannot have satisfied the need that modern machinery creates effectively, and a lot of computer technologies had been gone to by wide application in system of machine tool control, and the need that this brings about fundamental machine tool to cannot satisfy modern technology effectively, if be opposite,so the machine tool undertakes science is transformed, can raise the automation level of the machine tool effectively not only, return the definition that can enhance a machine tool to make at the same time. Face this kind of tide, already a lot of enterprises undertook the machine tool transforms the job, and pass a test, the machine tool after proving to transform really improved the quality of manufacturing efficiency and production greatly, the range that and also expanded uses. 2.

2 economy are analysed normally of the machine tool buy the fund with conference very big expenditure, cost will be very high, if undertake changing entirely to all machine tools, can generate very large cost investment so, and unused the machinery that come down also can be wasted because of unused generation, and also can bring about a lot of enterprises to cannot be assumed. But if if use numerical control to change what the technology has science to traditional machine tool,be being transformed, can greatly managing and fixed capital, very much small company also can bear the cost that produces from this, also can promote the long-term development of the enterprise effectively so. 2.

Of market of 3 markets analysis can analysing what basically point to for the gender is right on the market whether the analysis that offers numerical control in time to change transformed spare parts to have science, because can accuse sexual analysis to affect the time that the machine tool transforms greatly not only, still serve to the technology of later period and maintain a problem to produce certain effect. But at present a lot of areas had built orgnaization of perfect representative of Electromechanical an organic whole, this is changed with respect to the numerical control that is a machine tool greatly transform offerred very big feasibility. 2.

4 production analysis is in the process of machine tool production of our country, very much machine tool compares deflection at sheet the production of much breed of production and side overweight and small lot, if want to finish working job to need to choose the machine tool type that a few have specific aim immediately, but it is very big that numerical control machine tool is producing the yield in the process, do not need to choose the machine tool of same type again. 2.

Of machine tool of numerical control of 5 integration analysis transforming basically is with microelectronics the technology is a foundation, in transforming a process the technology microelectronics technology and tradition has effective couple, undertake be transforminged scientificly, this kind of method is compared in dependability respect tall, and it is certain to have flexible, also contrast economy at the same time. Accordingly, make counting those who accuse to change to transform can rise to use property actually greatly to general accuracy machine tool, and can reduce manufacturing cost effectively, raise economic benefits. 3.

Inadequacy of plasticity of compasses of wiring of machine tool of 1 numerical control connects general reason condition to fall, cannot have link to the central line of system of electronic equipment interior and subterranean wiring, and a lot of numerical control machine tools also cannot use PE in the interior of electric ark, but will look according to actual condition, a lot of enterprises are put in unscientific circumstance in wiring respect, a lot of circumstances fall to join to have machine tool PE and three-phase report, have link below the condition that adds yuan of parts of an apparatus merely, this formed corresponding electric power to output circuit on certain level. And such operations have very big risk, the line that outside be being brought about easily namely, receives appears breakdown, cause very big menace to person safety. 3.

Setting of power source of machine tool of 2 numerical control is unreasonable when power source of numerical control machine tool is installed, its most main demand sets single power source namely. But a lot of manufacturer normally for circuit convenient, used another lead directly when undertaking maintaining transforming to the machine tool, if the total power supply of power source was not shut, so very big to transforming the person safety of technical personnel to arise hidden trouble. 3.

Machine tool of 3 numerical control is electric machine tool of numerical control of equipment under proteciton appears very easily problem, and the cause that causes occurrence problem of numerical control machine tool has a lot of, among them the heat that most main reason is electromotor is accumulated. Here we with 0.

5kThe electromotor of W is exemple undertake an analysis. Move in its it is very easy in the process to if did not adopt significant step to undertake,defend occurrence electric current and electromotor electric current appear abhorrent circumstance, and presence is very large during the time that brings about the winding in be being protected and protection different, at the same time protective benefit gets sufficient play very hard also, and this moment also is very big to the harm of the machine tool. 4, practical model numerical control machine tool is transformed optimize plan 4.

Of 1 control system transform when be being transformed to numerical control of process of general accuracy machine tool, if want to undertake choosing to numerical control system, must choose a technology advanced and appropriate, service compares the price advantageous principle, when this explicit system choice even sufficient attention, above all, in capital enough premise falls to select the product with admirable, excellent performance; Next, systematic choice should pay attention to the function of numerical control, and cannot choose high-powered target purely, want alternative price to compare expensive product; Finally, the fundamental function that must make sure in transforming a process its are transformed and systematic function close suitably, avoid the appearance with superfluous function of occurrence numerical control. 4.

When 2 choices transform an object suitably to undertake machining to the spare parts in system of use numerical control, want to establish a scientific machine program above all, when undertaking batch spare parts is machined especially. Must be opposite when undertaking transforming to the machine tool so the circumstance of treatment of machine tool spare parts of different type has sufficient investigation, undertake affirming to transforming an object with this for the basis. Normally for, it is very appropriate that when in be opposite, small machine tool undertakes transforming technology of use personal computer makes its make practical numerical control machine tool. The batch that can realize component effectively not only so is produced, return the function that can make the machine tool has center lathe, also can undertake machining to more complex part from this. 4.

3 those who transform limits is affirmatory when undertaking deciding to machine tool limits, the precision of the function of itself of main basis machine tool and treatment undertakes deciding, right with respect to the machine tool transforming is the transmission system before commonly transform enter a bring down to pass gear of disappear unoccupied place decelerate to drive ball guide screw directly for power pace, will realize the control that moves along coordinate to tool carrier better from this. But better to precision machine tool, general incorrect former component undertakes changing, what transform bed saddle however is fore-and-aft with transverse and slip guide screw deputy, make its make ball guide screw thereby deputy. Undertake disappear unoccupied place reducer casing and pace enter the installation of electric machinery at the same time. What can pass numerical control system to control a bed effectively so is fore-and-aft with transverse motion, in addition the operation is more convenient also. Anyhow, be in our country, mechanical manufacturing industry is very much, have a lot of general accuracy machine tool so, but the ceaseless progress of the development as the times and science and technology, traditional machine tool production cannot have satisfied the requirement that modern economy grows well, but the economic responsibility that has changing increasinged a business greatly again to original machine tool, transform to automation of process of traditional machine tool so not only can the manufacturing cost of effectively managing enterprise, improve manufacturing efficiency, return the accuracy that can increase production, still can raise the management level of the enterprise at the same time, realize the economic benefits of the enterprise better. Origin: Author of Inc. of piston of Bohai Sea of Shandong bank city: Yu Xia of Huang Peng Liu CNC Milling