Lubricant technology: ? Qi hold   graceful gourd ladle?

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Of positive drive lubricant 1.

Gear classifies the tine that relies on successive clench the teeth to deliver motion and dynamic machinery spare parts to be called gear. Go up in drive shaft and driven axis through be being installed respectively to gear, use the mutual clench the teeth of two gear teeth of a cogwheel, in order to transfer motion and dynamic drive pattern, be called positive drive. The classified method of gear and positive drive is more, if press the exterior structure of the relative position between axes of two the appearance of the tooth profile curve of gear, gear, gear and positive drive,classify etc. Press the classification of tooth profile curve of gear, can divide for involute gear, circular arc gear and cycloidal gear. By its the appearance is classified, can divide for round gear of columnar gear, bevel gear, blame, rack and worm worm wheel. By its tooth trace appearance is classified, can divide for straight gear, helical gear, the curve of double-helical gear (if allow hyperboloid) gear. Move the working requirement classification of device only by gear, cent is shut type, open type and ajar type 3 kinds. In addition, gear still can age by two the relative position of axle line will be classified further; 2.

The characteristic with the characteristic with the lubricant positive drive that shut type and action 1) lubricant gear (1) and sliding bearing photograph are compared, the radius of tooth profile curvature of most gear is small, it is a few millimeter commonly, because this forms the conditional difference of oily wedge. (Round of surface contact stress of 2) gear is very tall, machinery of a few burden grinds machine, crane, windlass and gear of rolling mill reducer to age surface contact stress can amount to 400 ~ like cement 1000 MP a . (There is scroll again already between 3) tooth flank slip, and slip direction and rate change are sharp. (4) lubricates is spasmodically, every time clench the teeth needs to form oily film afresh, the condition that forms oily film is poorer. The action of 2) gear lubricant (1) reduces gear and component of photograph adjacent motion wear away. (2) reduces attrition force and meritorious service. (3) comes loose hot, have the effect of refrigerant. (4) lessens the impact between noise, vibration and tine teeth of a cogwheel. (5) excludes dirty thing (the action of material of the construction since 6) . Lubricant is ameliorable fight agglutination sex, it is to prevent corrode of gear burst, dot, agglutinate an element. 3.

The characteristic with lubricant positive drive opening type and the requirement to its lubricant function open type in positive drive fall easily into medium of ministry of substandard of dirt, bits and cause lube to pollute, abrasive of gear easy generation wears away. Should run from opposite directions type gear is adopted enclothe after blocking dirt, below same working condition, the lubricant requirement of gear opening type is as identical as the gear that shut type. Positive drive opening type uses qualitative lubricant of tall viscosity oil, bitumen or grease normally, leave relatively can effective job in lower rate. Have the classification of gear oil opening type of 3 class at present, namely common gear oil opening type (CKH) , extremely press type gear oil (CKJ) reach solvent dilute gear oil opening type (CKM) . In choose form when positive drive lube, should consider following factor: ① closes degree; ② circumferential speed; Dimension of ③ gear diameter; ④ environment; The use method of ⑤ lube; The accessibility of ⑥ gear. Besides can circulate in the lube below certain circumstance beyond circumfluence, should set oily pool. The method of lubrication of positive drive opening type is total loss bad news commonly model, and any total loss lubricant system, there is layer finally to cover film only in its gear surface, they often fall at attrib border and lubricant condition, because complement the new oil of tooth flank or fat, because tooth flank controls force function and the meeting is squeezed to go out, the put together collaboration that waits from mental efforts when circumgyrate of together with gear is used, can keep a thin oily film on tooth flank only, consider gear again adjust function, because this lube must have tall viscosity or tall consistency and stronger adhesiveness, with retaining truly a successive oily film maintains in gear apparently. The choice condition of sort of industrial gear lube recommends tooth flank of use industrial gear lube to contact stress (general positive drive fights <350 of low load of use operating mode of N/mm) gear state oxygen is antirust 350-500a of industrial gear oil.

Move qualitative processing, precision of clench the teeth is equal to 8 class B.

I<8c of every grade gear ratio.

The biggest sliding velocity and reference circle are circumferential of speed than Vg/v<0.


General positive drive of modification coeffication X1=x2 fights oxygen X1< of modification coeffication of antirust industry gear oil or > X2 has 500-750a of the load in gear oil of industry of the load in percussive positive drive.

Move qualitative processing, precision of clench the teeth is equal to or prep above 8 class B.


Machine of 3 mine promotion, outdoor excavate machine, cement is ground, machinery of machinery of chemical machinery, irrigation works electric power, metallurgy mineral products, shipping harbour machinery cementite of 750-1100 of gear oil of industry of the load in the positive drive that wait quenchs, the surface quenchs and burden of 58-62HRC of heat treatment hardness carries on his shoulder or back > 1100 metallurgy steel rolling, well CNC Milling