The stage amounts to mechanical and electrical products to leave in carpentry electron makings the application that curium

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[introduce basically]   as domestic estate market what rise temperate zone to using furniture and woodworker market ceaselessly is hot, among them with answer the board type furniture that plywood is raw material with design novel, price gets relative to petty gain of broad and young customer love, and the first segment that board type furniture produces is a certain measure standards is former board the platelet that breaks up all sorts of measurement standards opens makings link namely. Before the electron leaves makings because its price is relatively high,curium, basically be used by large furniture factory, medium or small manufacturer is used mostly push a stage to curium, the automation degree such as reciprocating saw opens makings facility inferiorly. But push a stage to curium the work efficiency with reciprocating saw is mixed makings precision far not as good as former, as the addition of crop promotion and labour cost, a lot of in small furniture factory begins to purchase an electron to leave makings curium will improve manufacturing efficiency and product quality, more and more woodworker factories also begin to throw an electron to leave expect the research and development that curium is produced. [equipment introduction]   leaves makings curium when automatic job put those who send makings manipulator motion to set first makings area, curium a motion to initiative position, start curium piece, sticking plank again rely on feet to push manipulator inside, start automatic loop next; Manipulator clips plank to be pulled backward makings, move backward board send ahead according to set length again after Sunday run makings; Send expect to bridge pressing is pressed to fall after finishing, curium Pianshangsheng; Press bridge to press next reaching the designated position, after curiuming Pianshangsheng reachs the designated position, curium an advancement, advancement reachs the designated position curium a next step-down bridge rise, after reaching the designated position, curium piece regressive, undertake afore-mentioned movements circulate sending again expecting repetition at the same time, until curium the amount of all set, manipulator runs null to roll out more than makings, complete circular work. Involve among them expect to sending manipulator, pressure bridge, curium piece and lean board implement the movement is controlled and all sorts of opening that the parameter that wait calls makings dimension, weight automatically and manage. [equipment sketch map]     [applied program and effect]   sends makings manipulator is an electron leave makings one of main athletic orgnaizations in curiuming, its control effect affects the precision of makings and efficiency directly. The electron that at present domestic woodworker manufacturer produces leaves makings curium those who send makings manipulator it is to use PLC to dominate servo electric machinery mostly, machine of decelerate of collocation of machine of servo electric machinery drive gear, rack. The respect is commanded in precision, general industry demand is to be in losing 10 arrow. We use a stage to amount to servo of series of EH2 series PLC and A, AB, A2 to be able to realize half closed circuit and complete closed circuit means of two kinds of control: An origin that uses EH2 below means of half closed circuit and the fixed position that all sorts of fixed position dictate hair pulse controls servo to be able to realize manipulator very easily are controlled. Complete closed circuit offers program of two kinds of choices, it is feedback of pulse of magnetism bar rule answers PLC, with computation of EH2 high speed and closed circuit fixed position the instruction realizes complete closed circuit. Additionally one kind is the A2 series servo that collects appliance to have function of complete closed circuit, feedback of pulse of magnetism bar rule answers A2 servo, realize complete closed circuit by A2, latter is more concise when PLC process designing. Expect to leaving of parameter call and manage, we use the special function such as curve of a recipe that amounts to man-machine, XY and macroinstruction to finish, picture clarity is intuitionistic, hold accuse agile and handy. Recommend configuration: Controller of EH2 series PLC + electric machinery of servo of A2/A/AB series communication + A/AE series touchs screen. CNC Milling