The classification that cutting moves reachs composition

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Cutting motion can be divided give priority to motion and feed motion. Advocate motion is to make workpiece and cutting tool produce opposite motion in order to have the basiccest campaign of cutting, advocate athletic rate is top, the power that consumes is the greatest. In cutting motion, advocate motion has only. It can be finished by workpiece, also can finish by cutting tool. Can be whirligig, also can be sharp movement. For example the whirligig of the workpiece on lathe; When dig of double housing planer is cut, the linear reciprocate of workpiece; The linear reciprocate of shaping machine planing tool; The whirl of the emery wheel on the broach on the milling cutter on milling machine, drilling machine and grinder is cutting when treatment advocate motion (L seeing a picture) . Seline; Margin-right: 3.

5pt"> pursues dig of E) of the garden outside grinding of D) of bore of C) of plane of milling of B) of the circle outside turning of A) of kinematic diagram of 1 cutting treatment cuts planar Seline; Margin-right: 3.

5pt"> feed motion is ceaselessly by cut investment cutting, with gradually the campaign that cutting gives whole appearance. That is to say, move without this, cannot successive cutting. Feed campaign is general speed is inferior, the power that consume is less, can comprise by one or more motion. Can be successive, also can be discontinuous. If the cutting motion that plane of the circle outside turning, milling, dig cuts the garden outside planar, bore, grinding pursues 1 is shown. CNC Milling